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Write a new legend concerning the further adventures of the Frog

Bruchac, James, Joseph Bruchac and Stefano Vitale (ill.). The Girl Who helped Thunder and Other Native American Folktales. New York: Sterling, 2008.

ISBN: 9781402732638 1402732635. 96 pages, color illustrations. Juvenile literature.

Retellings of twenty-four different Native American folktales and myths. Covers a wide array of different tribal beliefs/cultures. Accompanying illustrations also hint at different native American styles of visual design and aesthetic appreciation. Generally light-hearted folktales; few heavy myths.

-Illustrations somewhat simplistic, and not entirely (or even mostly) Native in style

-Stories retold in an entertaining and fast-paced fashion

-Very little additional cultural material; could be expanded

Write your own myth concerning one of the phenomena addressed in these tales

Act out a script based one a legend from the book

Create a single poster that incorporates elements form many tales

Research the relationships between different Native American tribes

Write a poem reflecting the desires of one of the characters form a tale

Hamilton, Virginia. Arilla Sun Down. New York: Greenwillow, 1976.

ISBN: 0688800580 9780688800581. 248 pages, juvenile fiction.

Arilla is half African-American and half Native American, and has trouble identifying with a group of people. Her brother Jack easily identifies as a Native American. Her relationship with her brother challenges her view of herself, leading to an eventual self-discovery.

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-Emotionally powerful yet highly age-appropriate.

-Addresses difficult issues of cultural and gender diversity with tact but true investigation

-Perhaps somewhat dated in tone for modern readers

Research your family tree and discover your own background

Write a report about your own "mixed" identity

Conduct a survey to determine other people's sense of identity and cultural background

Report on an issue in which men and women were treated differently in the past

Create a poster campaigning for equality

Pearsall, Shelley. Crooked River. New York: Knopf, 2005.

ISBN: 0375823891 9780375823893. 249 pages, several nominations. Juvenile fiction, based on true events.

Inspired by an actual historical occurrence, this novel contains the story of an Indian man accused of a white man's murder. Issues of racism and the fairness of the justice system in the early nineteenth century are examined. The plot involves an adolescent girl's experience of the upheaval created by the incidents, and her own determination of truth and justice.

-Heavy subject matter deftly presented to the target audience

-High degree of historical realism without becoming overly academic

-Plot moves at a fast pace for a gripping read

Research the criminal justice system in the nineteenth century

Describe a typical trial that might be expected without racial motivations

Compare this trial to trials as they.....

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