New Generation by Solzhenitsyn Review Essay

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New Generation

A decent and innocent soul suffers the effects of betrayal. The professor of engineering in a provincial college is the victim of the betrayal in "The New Generation" story. All these unfold in the story that unfolds in the trials of "wreckers" (7) amidst tech intelligentsia. There is a protracted public demonstration and marching that takes place for four hours in the city of Rostov; his home city and one in which Solzhenitsyn grew up. The demonstrators demand that all accused be subjected to shooting; and that they should not be accorded any mercy. In the unfolding events, Anatoly Pavlovich Vozdvizhensky believes that he will not be one of those to be subjected to the shooting; after all, he had lived true to the meaning of hard work and dedication all across the Soviet Union, but was only hindered to achieve by his party bosses who he regards as pretty silly in their practices (7). Anatoly's heart shrank in defence, he felt a shadow of darkness form around him and in him; which portended doom and death. Anatoly is arrested barely two weeks after the prompartia trials. His interrogator tells him that no one really gets out of his new restricted custody. He is told to think of something real quick to get out of that situation (9). His investigator seems kind to him because as we se he does not mete out any violence at the man at first. The GPU is discovered to be the same student that Vozdvizhensky, helped avoid a failing grade at college; simply out of his pity for him. Nevertheless, his interrogator proceeds to tell him that it was mandatory because there was little else he could do. He pleads earnestly with Anatoly not to push him to act or ask a different interrogator to handle him. Anatoly continues to protest in verbatim effusions (10).He points out that he is a builder and engineer and wonders how he could simply throw away years of diligent work. How could not dishonor himself (10). Initially, his rejection of treachery is strong and unrelenting. This turn of events makes us think that honor and dignity will prevail in some way. Solzhenitsyn thought that the problem with human beings lies in their being rooted in French enlightenment and modern science. These philosophies relate and identify nature with matter. Humans are part of this nature and so is material. The central concern then is what place of the spirit and God has in such supposed set. If there is no God, then what would stop man from degenerating into basic beastly behavior and bestiality?

An incomprehensible time of nightmares and delirium came around. It persisted for a long time. The ordeal started with being stripped naked and your feet being pierced.
This went on in a stifling chamber underground. The chamber had no luxuries of ventilation or light. One had to breathe in air that had been used by another. The cell was designed to cut you off from the world in totality. You had to sleep on cold concrete covered with planks. There were grueling interview sessions for everyone and each was stupefied. Some were beaten and bruised. Cigarette butts were used to torture others with their smoldering embers. Some of the cellmates simply sat in silence while others told stories that were barely intelligible (8).

.The main characters here were the professor and his weak student. The student, who had been a tin worker, had been forced to attend university; thanks to the forceful edicts if the state policy that lobbied for mass education. The student is totally lost in class. It is also clear that the two-year preparation program did little to prepare the student. This narrative is an ideal and common metaphor for the existence and fate of the Soviet Union in 1926; when the story begins to unfold. The life that has been imposed on the worker is out of tune with his mental capacity and abilities. People, generally experience similar difficulties when they are made to live in the future instantaneously; it is worse when it is imposed on a whole nation in similar instant fashion.

The chance of destruction in such a state of affairs is huge. Although the engineers are aware of the perilous nature of the venture, he chooses to ignore it all the same. The accounts state that he admonished Konoplyov and advised him on how to adjust his study habits, how to verbalize his reading a as to increase his rate of absorbing what he reads and what to do to organize his thoughts. He took a look at Konoplyov's performance record and heave before sighing and signing it with a pass (3).

According to the engineer, it was not possible for three intelligentsia generations to get it wrong on how to lead people to free their energies and access their culture. Nevertheless, he is aware that some people have no capacity to cope with such a leap into the future. He knows that some would break along the way. The professor does not see such an eventuality visiting him; in any case, engineers are responsible for the construction of this new world. They would surely not break. In 1931, the professor and his student unite in unique circumstances in the second segment of this analysis. According to Solzhenitsyn, every human being has a….....

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