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Strategic Approach to Marketing Communications

When undertaking any business activity, it is important to have a strategic plan. A strategic plan will offer a guideline on the way specific activity should be approached. It will enable the staff, management, and the stakeholders to assess the level of achievement in the organization. The results obtained will be compared with the projections estimated in the strategic plan. Marketing communication is an important aspect of any organization (Cheung & Thadani, 2012). It involves the language and presentation used when creating product awareness and encouraging customers to buy products and services offered in the organization. In any business, the customer is considered as the main stakeholder, as without them the business will not operate live alone succeeding. However, the language or method of communicating with the customer is valued. In most of the successful business organizations, they allocate more funds for training staff that interacts with customers and the best methods of communicating with the customers.

Marketing communication represents the voice of the organization. Any business organization communicates its level of operations regarding sales, profits, and any other information intended to reach the customers, stakeholders, and any other interested party. Before the investors decide to invest in the business, customers to buy the products, and suppliers to offer various materials, they should receive information about the business through marketing communication. It also helps it attracting talents to the organization (Oh, Ozkaya, & LaRose, 2014).
Through it, the organizations will ensure that it has a favorable working environment, adequate remuneration, and factors considered by the employees to motivate them to achieve more. It also helps the company to express its competitive advantage. The company will communicate its strengths and opportunities as compared with other companies to the public through marketing communication. The expression of competitive advantage will influence the customers, investors, and any other interested party to visit the company to be served to their satisfaction. It also plays a major role in creating product awareness. The company will inform its customers about the availability of new product brands as compared with those of the competitors through the marketing communication.

Marketing communication mix is the act portrayed by an organization by mixing various marketing strategies while delivering its message to the customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It involves the use of direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and advertising. Its use has helped organizations to succeed in their operations. It also enables the business to approach their target customers with the use of effective marketing strategies with diverse perspectives. The effectiveness of marketing communication mix has been experienced in various organizations (Yang, Kim, & Yoo, 2013). Due to the nature of the target market, geographical locations,….....

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