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Privileged Child

The concept of being an over privileged child is concurrently amusing and unsettling. To an outsider being an over privileged child may appear to be a life of advantages and comfort which is free of the worry and concerns of everyday life; I have no need to worry if I can afford to buy the latest fashions, and in the future I know I will not need to worry about paying bills. There are certainly many benefits, but like any life condition, there are also disadvantages attached to the situation, which may only be considered when the full context of being over privileged is considered.

Writing about a topic that many see as an unfair advantage which is unearned has taken a great deal of thought; writing this may bring me ridicule and accusations of being self-pitying or insincere, after all, who wants to feel empathy for someone they think has it all. So, to start with I will define why I refer to myself as over-privileged. The term is frequently used, associated with the very wealthy, with many assumptions regarding what it means. But the term is clumsy, as to be privileged means to have advantages and special rights. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as not being subject to usual rules or penalties due to some type of special circumstance. In my case, the special circumstances are a high level of social wealth and the social status that comes with that wealth.

High levels of wealth may be associated with privileges, for example, if I got into trouble with the law I can afford the best lawyers to help to get me out of trouble, giving the impression I am not subject to the usual rules. In the same context knowing other people who wield power may also be beneficial, as they may use influence to help me, influence that I can only access due to my social standing which is also related to wealth. This creates privileges, and may be seen as unfair, and has the potential to create a disparate outcome if comparing myself to someone that does not have the same wealth or social status. However, this is just the term privileged, and I am certainly privileged, that is not denied. However, I refer to myself as over privileged as I see myself as exceeding this level. I do have the same advantages, but the over is added as unlike many who I see as just privileged, I would not have to ask for the help, I have staff and helpers who would seek out the aid needed, and those of social standing would volunteer the help without my asking.
Likewise, I have many other opportunities offered by extreme wealth, which exempts me from many normal rules, For example, if I want to travel abroad, I do not need to comply with a scheduled airlines timetable, I can simple lease an aircraft and fly when I want to. In anyone's estimation, this power and influence are not needed, with arguments that it could be potentially misused. It is the influence and power that wealth and the associated social status gives me that I argue is extreme, and therefore goes beyond the normal aspects of privilege, making me over privileged.

In defining the concept of over privilege, there was an indication of the many advantages; a total lack of worries about affordability. I well to the best schools, had the best personal tutors if, and when I fell behind, I had the best medical care, and before I left school, I had travelled most of the world. I enjoyed life and the privileges it brought. Many of those I went to school with have powerful parents, some in politics and law, but these are the less affluent of my peer group. Many work in areas such as finance and commerce. However, it is important to note that whole I refer to work, these people have a choice, so working it a desire and a drive rather than a necessity. The over privilege also means I can look after my family and friends without concern for the cost.

While these have many advantages, it has also come with a number of disadvantages. As my parents have used their wealth and exercised their freedoms facilitated by their over privileged position, the choices, along with similar choices to their peers, has included the employment of nannies and other highly qualified childcare specialist. All this has resulted in me receiving a high quality of childcare, but not necessarily the emotional involvement that less privileged individuals may have with their parents. This may lead to an impression that I feel sorry for myself, I do not; I know and understand my privileges. However, after losing my father only a few years ago, I realise that I never really knew him as a person. He was a figurehead,….....

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