Overseas Marketing and Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Overseas marketing, emotional intelligence and Virtual teams

Psychology has been used for a long term to help man cope with the challenges of life, whether at the domestic level or the external environment. Families have been reunited using psychological concepts, problems solved and innovative ways formulated through adherence to psychological concepts. This is an indication that psychology is not a static discipline but a diverse and adaptive discipline that deals with the contemporary challenges that the society faces.

One of the contemporary challenges brought about by globalization is the issue of virtual markets. The competition in the sales and marketing has grown to be very competitive hence the traditional face to face marketing is no longer sufficient to keep businesses on the competitive edge, they must explore abroad markets. One of the cheapest ways of exploring these markets is the use of virtual teams or targeted markets through the internet. This is an idea that can no longer be ignored hence the sprouting of various online marketing sites among them the Alibaba and Amazon to mention just a few. The only option that the competitive businesses have is to keep in pace with the changing world.

The new economy in the 21st Century is based on the information technology (IT). Everyone is now talking of Internet of Things (IoT) whenever they want to buy an item. There are virtual services and virtual goods all across the globe and this makes it cheaper and more efficient since a potential customer can make an order for a service or item from the comfort of the home or even when on transit as opined by Shaughnessy, H. (2015).

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This then begs the question, can psychology of Emotional intelligence be instrumental in the exploration of the virtual teams or groups for the purpose of marketing.

Emotional intelligence is the best avenue that a potential online trading company can use to know the EI of its targeted market before venturing into the market. There are various literature that are in existence on this topic and they illuminate the potential of virtual teams being real customers and the use of EI in understanding a virtual market across borders or even across continents. The study of EI and the importance of the same was studied by Mussawar B., et.al (2016) among 250 students drawn from five different universities in Pakistan, 100 of the participants were male and 150 were female students. The age range of the students was between 20-30 years of age and the students were duly informed of the study and were willing to participate. The objective of the study was to investigate….....

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