Parallels Between Business and Biology Essay

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Part 1.

1. The relationship between the wolves and monkey is symbiotic in nature.

2. For the monkeys, the benefit is not 100% known, but it is thought that the wolves hunt competitors for the food that the monkeys eat. For the wolves, the monkeys seem to make hunting prey easier. In the long run, this increases the odds of survival for each.

3. The wolves may have a cost in terms of not eating monkey babies, but if that changes then the monkeys being so acclimated to the wolves would be a long-term cost.

4. The relationship definitely might change if resources were scarce. Right now, they are not competing for resources but if they were, then the benefits and costs dynamic would surely change.

Part II.

1. A business like Tower Records ran a bricks-and-mortar record shop empire. There are costs like real estate, inventory, advertising and staff that are pretty common in that line of business.

2. There were a lot of competitors, ranging from independent record stores to other big chains like H&M, to big stores like Wal-Mart, and then eventually Amazon arrived, and if Tower had lasted longer downloading services.

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3. Tower Records really did not adapt well to new competitors, and a change in the competitive landscape. Most bricks-and-mortar record stores struggled with Amazon, really, and downloading really killed the retail music business. Basically, Tower went under because it had fairly high costs, such as prime real estate locations, and lots of inventory, but then it did not adjust to a changing landscape. It could have done so, but being sluggish in adopting new technologies significantly put the company at risk.

4. If you think about a mutually beneficial partnership, then Tower would perhaps have wanted to expand into other realms of entertainment, like adding books, which also ended up being a struggling business. Or it could have gone into the ticket business, which some independent record stores have used to keep themselves afloat. Or Tower could have partnered with one of Amazon's early competitors, to provide that end of the business. If the two companies had reasonably similar markets, they might have been able to come together to invest enough money to build a website as….....

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