The Path-Goal Theory and Practical Applications Essay

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The Path Goal model is based on pointing out the style of a leader, the behavior trait that fits the employee the best, and the environment of work, so as to achieve a given goal. The aim is to increase the motivation of your employees, satisfaction and empowerment. The outcome would then be higher productivity in the organization. The model is a reminder to the leaders that in order to influence those who follow them, they need to modify their behavior, based on the needs of their followers. They should also support subordinates to clarify the path towards the goals specified and back them up in removing the obstacles that block their achievement of the set goals (Northouse, 2018).

Once a leader understands the environment and the employees, they can adjust their behavior and leadership style. Such a change requires a significant level of self awareness and being flexible. Using the psychometrics of modern day, based on their personality, it is possible to predict the leadership style that a particular leader favors. We can, thus use the feedback to build the requisite flexibility. There are four leader behaviors in the model: Participative, Directive, Achievement and Supportive. The leadership behaviors are anchored on task orientation and relationship factors (Landrum & Dailey, 2012).

It is typical of a Directive Leader to tell followers what they ought to do; how to do it, coordinates work, and also creates their work programs.

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The style is useful in situations where people do not fully understand what is expected of them when undertaking a given task. On the other hand, the supportive leader embraces relationships. Such a leader seeks to make the work and work environment a pleasant experience. They do so by showing concern for the employees and being approachable and friendly. The style is more effective in situations where tasks are physically and or psychologically challenging (Landrum & Dailey, 2012).

A participative leader likes to consult with employees and seeks to establish a friendly relationship with them. He consults and incorporates the opinions of his employees in his decisions where he deems them fit. The style is most effective in situations where employees are highly competent and enjoy a high level of autonomy. Finally, the Achievement leader sets goals that are challenging for the staff and expects them to give their all. Such a leader also demonstrates confidence in the ability of the employees to accomplish the set tasks and achieve the goals. Professional work environments are best suited for this type of leadership. It is also good in achieving higher sales in business (Landrum & Dailey, 2012).

The various leadership styles affect the work teams differently. Thus, there may….....

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