Performance Management and Non Profit Boards Essay

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Performance Management

The governance of a corporation is the role of the board of directors and the management has the duty of running the firm on a day to day basis. The board, therefore, oversees the management and ensures the interests of the various shareholders are upheld. The executive department is made up of the top level managers and they are required to work as a team so as to deliver on the company goals. According to Wash (2002), management can only be successful in their work if they have clearly defined work description. CEO or company president is a vital position towards the success of any firm as they must take up the leadership mantle, work closely with the top-management, and ensure clear organizational mission, vision, and operational goals.

As a result of clarity in work description and the responsibilities of members of the board, the Innovations Theater has been successful for more than two decades. Board functions include development, personnel, finance, and marketing. At the moment, other roles include long-term planning and legal matters (Wash, 2002). Two overlapping characteristics are required for the recruitment of board members; those wishing to be art financial patrons, and those with special professional talents.

The aligning of board member’s responsibilities helps to cut down on costs where as the element of specification, based on talents, helps to promote the organizations performance.

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Moreover, the fact that board members are actively engaged in the running of the organization has a crucial part in the notable achievements realized. Nevertheless, it is noted that the costs involved, based on each board member, comparatively lean towards the higher side as per the normal and expected operational costs (“Activity-based management ACCA Global,” 2018).

Zion Services has a two form mission to a selection of social services; child care, day care, camping, immigration services, social support, and recreational services to Jews as well as over training services for philanthropy for Jews. The use of costs control has the potential to significantly change activities, better their process, and cut on operational costs. Costs control would be best as the organization has limited financial resources.

Likewise, Nazareth enterprise would also benefit from the costs control strategy so as to cut on their operational costs and realign roles of the board members. Currently, the roles and relationships between board members are diversely wild, for instance, one of the staff members is the mother of the board’s chair and reports to the director. Additionally, the….....

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