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Vision and Interests

Personal VALUES

Influencing FACTORS


• Providing holistic, safe, and patient-centered care.

• Providing individualized attention to patients when delivering care.


• Model positive healthy behaviors.

• Maintain current knowledge and skills while engaging in self-enhancement through continuous learning.

• Uphold personal and professional standards of practice at all times during nursing practice.

Personal Experience

• I have previously cared for a sick family member before joining the nursing career. This influenced my choice to pursue a career in nursing.

Family Member(s)

• The family member I cared for influenced my decision to pursue a career in the nursing field.

Friends and Peers

• Most of my friends and peers are in the nursing field and have encouraged me to pursue a career in this field.



OPTIONS to Consider

PLANNED Accomplishments


• I will engage in continuous education to enhance my competence and skills in nursing.

Financial Needs

• Tuition fees and other expenses in pursuing continuous education.

Balancing Personal & Professional Life

• The demands of nursing practice can generate extra burdens, which required balancing personal and professional life. I will need to create enough rest during my personal time in order to avoid the burdens of nursing practice.

As an Individual

• I intend to achieve a doctorate degree in the nursing field.


• As a leader, I will seek to mentor and inspire others to not only enter this field but create a positive environment that enhances quality of care and patient outcomes.

Team Member

• I will work with my colleagues to improve healthcare quality through delivery of individualized care that meet patients' needs.

My SWOT Analysis



Personal Strengths/Talents

• My personal strengths/talents include honesty, persistence, kindness, attention to detail, and taking responsibility.

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Professional Interests

• My professional interests include making positive contributions to enhance healthcare quality and commitment to lifelong learning.

Personal Characteristics

• My personal weaknesses include tendency to dominate, aggressiveness, and being overly task-oriented.

Professional Development Areas

• Financial limitations to meet the financial needs required for lifelong learning in nursing.



Learning Experiences

• Numerous lifelong learning opportunities exist in the nursing field.


• The nursing field and practice is constantly evolving and provides numerous opportunities for learning.

Planned or Unplanned

• Nursing shortage presents an opportunity to succeed in this field.

Resources and Networks

• There are different ways to meet the financial needs for pursuing a nursing career including scholarships and work-study programs.

Balancing Personal & Professional Life

• Flexible work schedules in the nursing field provide opportunities to effectively balance personal and professional life.


• The lack of adequate financial resources could affect my ability to achieve a doctorate degree and engage in lifelong learning.


• Nursing is becoming so competitive to an extent that getting an opportunity in a nursing school is more difficult.

Limiting Factors

• The nursing shortage is a threat that could generate extra burdens that limit my effectiveness as a nurse practitioner.

• I may not achieve my desired learning goals within the desired period because of unprecedented factors.

My Professional Goals

Write at least one goal in each time category. Write the goal in measurable terms, and list them in order of those that are most important to you to those that are least important.

As a New BSN Graduate

With Experience 3 -- 5 Years

• Join a professional nursing organization within the first year of graduation.

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