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Personality Type Explained

According to the Jung Typology Test I am an INFP—but really just barely. I am only 3% introvert, 9% intuitive, 3% feeling and 9% perceiving. I am right in the middle on most questions. However, the career choices that fall under the INFP category are actually all choices that I have considered in the past, so the test does seem to work. The recommended career choices for the INFP are:  “Social workers, psychologists, life coaches, addiction rehab counselors, mental and community care staff, children education, teaching, and also creative script writing” (INFP Career Choices, 2018).

The INFP Learning Style also describes me to a “t”—a enjoy learning but usually only when it relates in some way to human behavior. I can study manuals and information that is purely mechanical—such as how to change oil in a car—but I do find it to be tedious and more like a chore than something I enjoy. According to INFP Learning Style (2018), my learning is improved when the material I am learning is presented with theory intact and when it relates in some way to the humanities, sociology or psychology. I enjoy multiple viewpoints and complex material is also easy for me to grasp. Learning is difficult for me when I cannot relate to it on a personal level, when it has no connection to human behavior and it’s a subject that does not deepen my sense of the field. I like a subject that also appeals to my feelings.

My communication skills are good: I can be emotional but always respectful; I am able to empathize easily with others and speak in their same manner; I can become distant and reserved at times, however, as I reflect on what I have experienced. Overall, people come to me for advice and ask me questions that they think I could answer. I enjoy being a source of information for others.…

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…of things and on my own experiences. I feel like I have a lot of understanding that I could bring to the table to help others develop personally and professionally and to help my company achieve its objectives more effectively. Thus, I could also take steps in learning more about complex theories to build my own knowledge on motivation and human behavior. I do not feel that any of this is limited to a specific situation but rather that I could take this information and apply it to the whole of my life. I think I could see myself taking a more active role in my community and developing better relationships with people in my own neighborhood to work on my leadership and management skills.


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