Platos Myth Of The Cave and Technology Today Essay

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In his Allegory of the Cave, Plato depicts a world where prisoners are held in a cave for their entire life (Cohen). The puppeteers cast shadows on the wall of the cave, and the prisoners see the shadows as reality. Upon breaking free from the cave, the prisoners come to the realisation that their entire existence has been a lie. They discover how others have controlled their life. This allegory has a great deal of relevance today, particularly in the age of technology. Today's human beings can be likened to the prisoners. Technology controls us -- from television to computers, phones, and cars, technology does everything for us. In spite of its advantages, it distracts us from the truth; it blinds us to the inherent dangers. Even when outside the cave, we can see how technology easily hides the truth from us. This paper discusses how the internet, computers, and the media have blinded us from the truth.


One of the major hallmarks of the 21st century is the internet, a phenomenon that has gained immense prominence over the last three decades. The internet has tremendously changed how people and organisations communicate and interact with one another. It has eliminated geographical and physical barriers and increased the flow of information. With social media, for instance, it is now possible for people to stay in touch with their friends, relatives, and acquaintances in any part of the globe without the use of traditional channels such as telephone and mail. Further, the internet has enabled organisations to market their products and engage their customers online.

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Today, virtually everything can be done online -- from business to shopping, reading, learning, information sharing, listening to music, gaming, watching television, and so forth. Indeed, the internet offers limitless possibilities; possibilities perhaps never imagined before.

There is the downside, however. With the internet, spreading propaganda and untruths has become easier than ever before. Individuals, organisations, and governments now find the internet a powerful tool for propagating falsehoods and advancing malicious interests. Browsing through websites and social media today, one comes across a ton of information with no factual or scientific basis. One will encounter propaganda aimed at creating fear and tension, as well as tarnishing products, brands, personalities, organisations, and governments. The unfortunate thing is that the consumers of propaganda take the propaganda as truth. In fact, that is how propaganda works -- depicting a falsehood as the truth. Propaganda spread via the internet controls us -- it forms the basis of our decisions, thoughts, and worldviews, which may consequently block us from achieving our full potential. In their article, Seung-yoon and Chomsky argue that the internet has considerably enslaved us. When we come out of this cave, we realise how propaganda has plunged us into a life of deceit.

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