Pope Concerns and Theology of Book of Amos Essay

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Pope Francis and Theology of Book Of Amos

On 27 November 2013, Pope Francis made a declaration denouncing a new idolatry for money pointed out that present way of running the economy resembles the ancient idolatry way of worshiping golden calf in the old testament According to Pope, the present world economy lacks truly human purpose, and the worldwide crisis is affecting economy and finance leading to imbalance and lack of concern for human.

Pope also shows a concern for income equality revealing how elderly homeless people die of exposure to cold and the stock markets in most countries loses two points. According to Pope, income inequality is becoming unbearable to the extent that while some people are throwing food away, some people are starving. Pope believes that the free market capitalism has led to the economy of inequality and exclusion, and it is time for policymakers to change the way they approach capitalism. It is time for capitalists to pursue profits ethically, and rejecting exploitation.

Analysis of Pope Francis' concerns is related to the issues about the oppression of masses in the Book of Amos. During "the reign of Uzziah in the southern kingdom and reign of Jeroboam in the northern kingdom" (Brueggemann, 2003 p 256), it was clear that both kingdoms enjoyed immense prosperities.

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Similar to Pope assertion in the present day economic practice, there was a disastrous practice from the rich against the poor in both kingdoms. Moreover, there was an illegitimate of social practices in the southern and northern kingdoms. As being pointed out by Brueggemann, (2003), the wealthiest people in the society enjoyed considerable value. While some people in the kingdoms were losing their homes, lands, and families, other people can boast of summer and winter houses living in homes resembling the ashlar masonry. Brueggemann, (2003) pointed out there was a breakdown of traditional values because of the extreme gap between the rich and the poor where the wealthiest people in the society are enjoying considerable luxury. Brueggemann, (2003) cited the example of what happened in Israel in the First Testament where social injustice and economic exploitation was the order of the day. In the Books of Amos, the author believed that God would destroy the society because of people's misdeed.

Pope remarks that the issues that happen during the southern kingdom and northern kingdom are….....

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Brueggemann, W. (2003). An Introduction to the Old Testament: The Canon and Christian Imagination. Westminster John Knox Press.

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