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Entrepreneurial Personality Traits Discerned

Entrepreneurship, and successful entrepreneurship in particular, is far from a perfect science. Success in this field is predicated on a host of different factors, including various aspects of marketing, product, client base, market conditions, and possibly even some luck. Nonetheless, there are a number of different traits of entrepreneurs that one is able to study and which may truly affect the ability of one to succeed in this role. Furthermore, there are certain conditions and other characteristics that could compromise the former, and even instances in which the former is able to compromise the latter. Fortunately, there is a bevy of research which has explored these personality traits and their impact both on entrepreneurs and their particular ventures. A prolonged examination of this research, in addition to a synthesis of findings, readily demonstrates the personality traits of most importance to entrepreneurs are those pertaining to assertion and the sort of characteristics, both implicit and explicit, that assertion involves.

In order to properly explicate this thesis, it is necessary to consider assertive characteristics that are largely bereft of emotion prior to considering those that involve emotion. Quite simply, there are a couple of key personality traits associated with assertion and positive outcomes for entrepreneurship performance which do not involve feelings.

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Being able to work autonomously and aggressively take risks was determined by Staniewski et al. (2015) as critical in this regard (p. 1942). What is important to realize about these characteristics is that they are traits that people can exhibit regardless of how they actually feel. Entrepreneurs can take risks and work autonomously regardless of any particular emotions. There are other authors that emphasize the value of risk-taking and assertion as part of the traits that help entrepreneurs achieve admirable performance outcomes. The notion of entrepreneurial orientation is explored by Khedhaouria et al. (2014) as one that comprises innovation, risk, taking and pro-activeness (p. 1). These traits are essentially synonyms for assertion in a business environment. According to Zahra and Covin (1995), the confluence of risk taking, innovation, and aggression (which is a synonym for assertion if surely one ever existed) are useful for determining financially viable opportunities for both products and markets (43).

Perhaps the more interesting personality traits that pertain to the success of assertiveness for entrepreneurs in terms of achieving positive performance outcomes are those that actually involve emotion. It is difficult to separate personality from emotion, as the former influences the latter and the latter influences the former. What is most fascinating about….....

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