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Methods of Security

1. Implementing Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED) is not without its challenges. For many businesses, cost is cited as a major challenge. The changes are not always small and easy to implement, and things like installing barriers or redesigning spaces usually come with a cost. That cost then has to be absorbed by the business, because it is often difficult to pass onto the consumers. The reality is that in the long run the changes are expected to pay for themselves in lower crime against the business, lower insurance rates, etc., but that in the short run implementing CPTED measures is a cost that many businesses might find to be burdensome.

Another issue that many businesses run into is balancing the CPTED measures with the customer experience. If you ran moviegoers through an airport-style screening, for example, more people would simply stay home and watch Netflix, which is already a problem for the movie industry. If there are two clothing stores, one with barriers and obstructions to prevent shoplifting and one without, the store without might get more walk-in customers. So there is definitely a balancing act. The same could be said for an office space – windows are great for the people working there but also create more security risk if there are people who can see into those windows.

A third issue for businesses seeking to implement CPTED is that they might also find some of the CPTED recommendations to be difficult to implement given the physical space that they work with. Businesses inherit the designs of their space, and may not have full control over what they can do with that space. For example, a space might have large trees that obstruct surveillance, but those trees cannot be cut down without permission from the owner, or the city, and that permission is not forthcoming (nor cutting the trees be desirable for reasons that have nothing to do with security). Situations like that leave a business with certain barriers to implementing CPTED that may prove too challenging to overcome (Krehnke, 2009).

There are ways to overcome these challenges of course. Fisher and Piracha (2011) provide a case study of multi-agency cooperation to overcome some of the logistical barriers that might prevent certain aspects of CPTED from being implemented. However, where such barriers are insurmountable, it can definitely be a challenge….....

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