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The school programs have been a subject of research, legislation and debate across many states and over many years. There has always been the urge to come up with a harmonized calendar that is suitable for the students, the teachers, the parents as well as the management of the schools. This has always proved to be a delicate balance, one rarely achieved in many institutions. There is need however to have year-round school programs that help in the completion of the needed curriculum, but also friendly to the main stakeholders.

There are factors that must be put into focus and consideration by the relevant persons in building up a program for the educational institutions. The students need to be the first consideration in formulation of the school program. It should give the students significant time to rest and refresh their minds after many months of continuous learning and other academic activities. The breaks also enable the students to imbibe other life skills that cannot be acquired in the school setting hence is equally necessary.

In the context of this proposal, the best year-round program would be one with four quarter plan in the academic calendar year. Of these four quarters, the students would be attending the classes and in each quarter there would be a class that goes for recess.
This program will enable the maximum utility of the school facilities as well as offering the teachers the option of picking which classes to handle and the students too would have sufficient time for resting. This program will ensure a reduction in the level of attrition among teachers to do burnout and lack of personal time. It is a program that will also allow the parents to plan around the four quarter program with their children for holiday.

The research will hence seek to know if the four quarters program would be implementable in the targeted institution. To find out the possible challenges that would face this program and how these can possibly be prevented. It will also seek to know how the four quarters can be effectively distributed among the different years such that each grade goes for the recess at the most appropriate time......

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