Punitive and Correctional System in the United States Free Essay

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Punitive, and correctional system in the United states of America in contrast with the German, Norwegian and Netherlands systems.

• Introduction to US criminal justice system

• A general outlook of the German, Norway, and Netherlands criminal justice system

• A thesis statement


Opening statement

Classification of prisons

• security levels

• Prisons differentiated based on age, and sex.

Operations within incarceration facilities

• Compulsory work duties and vacations

• Compensation for work

Access to amenities

• Leisure activities

• Education and skill improvement opportunities


Opening statement

Basic and foundational principle of the criminal justice system,

• Rates of imprisonment

• US is punitive/retribution and neutralization

• German, Norway, and Netherlands is rehabilitation and re-integration to society

• Routines and environmental settings of prisons

• Solitary confinement in the US

• Prison sizes are smaller and crowded in the US

• The use of imprisonment

• Netherlands, German, and Norway sparingly used and short

• US mass incarceration and considerably long

• Alternatives to imprisonment used in German, Norway, and Netherlands

2. Length of jail term

• For same crimes: jail term longer in US than in German, Norway, and Netherlands

3. Connection with the society

• German, Norway, and Netherlands prisoners maintain their status and rights as citizens e.

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g. voting

• US prisoners suffer reduced access to social welfare programs

• In Netherlands, German, and Norway prisoners have weekends off for family

4. Correction and judgment delivery procedures

• Judgments involving jail terms are more widely delivered in America

• US criminal justice has punitive meaner for all offences where Netherlands, Norway, and German have alternatives measures

• Netherlands, German, and Norway reward satisfactory prison conduct, contrary to the US

5. Sentencing

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