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Baxter P. & Jack S. Qualitative Case Study Approach: Design and Implementation for Inexperienced Researchers. The Qualitative Report, 13(4), 544-559

This paper treats case study as an approach in research. A qualitative case study approach avails tools for research in complex phenomena in context. If appropriately applied, the methodology is a valuable tool for health sciences in evaluating programs, crafting interventions and developing theory. This paper seeks to guide the inexperienced researcher in picking out the important elements for purposes of design and implementation of qualitative case study research tasks. There is a summary of the available designs of case study. The generalized recommendations for drafting the research questions, crafting propositions, binding the case, determination of the case in focus, triangulation and discussion of the sources of data are also availed. In order to apply the principles, there must be clear samples of research questions, propositions of study and various case study designs availed.


Xiong, P., & Mclarty, K. (2011). Invisible Boundaries: Diversity in Student Organizations. Qualitative Research Methods.

The study was conducted at S. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. The research that was done in the 2010/2011 academic season involved 3,156 students enrolled at the institution.

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The ratio of males to females was 45:55. Most of the students were of white origin/ non-Hispanic. This group constituted 84%. The remainder percentage of students was of other races. St. Olaf was rated highly and came first among baccalaureate schools with the numbers of students who studied abroad in 2007/2008 school year. Figures show that 73% of the graduates from the institution in 2010 took part in a program based abroad during their school years. St. Olaf is proud to lead the way in global education. It was noted that since the first overseas program was started in the 1950s, the value of being conversant with the global setup has become even more important in the mission of the college. The paper focuses on the socio-cultural limitations that prevent students from taking part in multicultural organizations and similar events. The research embarked on interviews with students from a range of racial backgrounds. There was also a focus on the subjects that took part in student organizations. The researchers concluded that race differs in construction between the institution and the current students. The students wish to start an open dialogue on….....

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