A Qualitative Study of Technology Essay

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.....teachers in the field of Special Education are using (or attempting to use) technology in their classrooms, and address their concerns and problems with solutions based upon that research, if the research is conducted in an efficient and effective manner. This study seeks to determine what (if any) problems these teachers face in an ongoing manner, and then determine if there are answers that apply and can be used by teachers throughout the educational community. It is important therefore to ensure that the research is valid and reliable so that it can add to current literature, and be used in a considerate manner.

To accomplish the goal of the researcher as stated above, research questions will be compiled and answered. To ensure that the questions address the issue as stated above, the questions will be submitted to a number of educators with the goal in mind to determine whether the questions provide data that specifically answers the questions. This will ensure the validity of the questions.

Ensuring reliability takes place when the questions can be asked in a variety of forums and provide the same results. Since the researcher is seeking to determine what (if any) technology is being used in the special education classroom, the individuals being asked the questions should be full-time teachers in that arena.

The researcher seeks to question 15 special education teachers that work directly in the classroom with students who have been determined to need a special education. Once the teachers have been located, they will be offered the opportunity to answer questions through a qualitative questionnaire.

The questionnaire will include questions such as; 1) are you using technology in your classroom and (if so) what type and to what extent? 2) Is there one technology (of aspect of technology) that seems to work better for you than the other(s)? 3) Is there a specific technology that is more difficult to use….....

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