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Inclusive workplace level 3 means inclusion of disadvantaged groups via national/state collaborations and refers to values that progress organizational policies concerning disadvantage populations like youth in distress, welfare recipients, and domestic violence victims. The inclusive workplace at this level perceives such populations as a potentially upwardly mobile and stable workforce. Thus, policy strategies will be to invest in evening educational classes, on-the-job training, and so forth. An exclusionary organization would readily dispose of such workers or even not hire them altogether.

The focus in workplace inclusion level 3 is social class and issues of race and gender due to women of color being disproportionally represented in the working class. A good example of an inclusive policy is NYC's Welfare-to-Work Program that gives training and job opportunities to New Yorkers with low-income. Here they help them transition to working by setting up the skills they need to achieve their goals all while giving them a weekly or monthly stipend for their work. All people that qualify for Welfare and can work can participate in this program.


In the article discussing global impact, the authors discuss in a section titled "Lessons for Global Integration Law" that numerous developing nations stay poor amidst a wealth of natural resources and this can be attributed to a lack of effective competition laws, liberal trade, and effective human rights.
"Lack of effective legal and judicial protection of liberal rights and property rights inhibits investments and acts as incentive for welfare-reducing private and governmental restrictions of competition and collaboration between cartelized industries and authoritarian governments" (Petersmann, 2002, p. 13). Take that kind of thinking into ALMPs and program types, if program participants feel and have their rights guaranteed and protective as well as provide policies that allow successful implementation of objectives then programs can see higher levels of effectiveness.

The reality is however, that many programs are not run well. Many programs do not have effective management, a suitable framework, and a system of best practices in place to manage everything. Instead rules are not followed, resources are waste, and communication is stifled. It leads to the notion that without actions in place like standardization, evidence-based best practices, there is little room for actual success within these programs.


The lack of public disclosure of the businesses that made pledges made it difficult to accurately gauge whether the initiative was working. Things like name and date of birth of the indigenous employee had to be given voluntarily. The data suggest there is a trend albeit small, of sustained job….....

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Petersmann, E. (2002). Time for a United Nations 'Global Compact' for Integrating Human Rights into the Law of Worldwide Organizations: Lessons from European Integration. European Journal of International Law, 13(3), 621-650. doi:10.1093/ejil/13.3.621

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