Racism and Discrimination Impact on Civil Rights and Student Rights Research Paper

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How Racism and Discrimination Affects ‘Civil Rights’ and Student Rights

Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. It can result in prejudice and discrimination towards people based on their ethnicity and color. Discrimination is the treatment of people in an unfair manner based on their characteristics such as sexual orientation, age, race and gender. Racism is a type of prejudice that most countries fight, do not tolerate and hotly discuss. Countries such as Brazil had once categorized themselves as racial democracies. They allowed people who were racially indifferent to live side-by-side. Such countries are now experiencing the harsh reality of historic and entrenched racism. Some people argue that class and not race is the main cause of social distinction. This is because racism has become illegal officially from forms of overt racism such as abuse on social media and killing of unarmed blacks by police, especially in countries where whites dominate (John 551-558).

Impact of Racism and Discrimination on Civil and Student Rights

Racism is defined differently depending on the country in question. However, it is a form of intolerance based on biological distinction; some arguing that it is a social construct. Racial discrimination takes place when an individual is treated in a less favorably manner. It also occurs when people are given different opportunities in a similar situation because of their race, color or ethnicity. The Racial Discrimination Act 1975 is against discrimination of an individual because of their color, race, ethnicity and immigrant status. It also protects people from racial discrimination is areas such as education, buying or renting houses, accessing public places and employment, among other forms of public life (David 173 – 188).

Explaining why discrimination happens can be difficult. However, the human brain is able to categorize things into simpler ways to make sense of the world. Discrimination usually stems from misunderstanding and fear. It is a public health issue that can lead to stress. An American survey was conducted in the year 2015; it found out that people who face racial discrimination experience increase in stress levels than those who never experienced any form of discrimination.

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A variety of mental and physical health problems are associated with chronic stress.

Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, “The question is not if we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be. The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” Discrimination has been highly linked to problems such as substance abuse, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity and depression. Even if you have never been the target of overt acts of bias, it is…

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…individual’s interest and offering advice on whether the authorities should complete their investigations or determine the need to file a civil case. Evidence about racial discrimination should be gathered if possible. For instance, if a racial epithets is spray-painted on the wall, pictures should be taken before repainting is done on the walls. A copy of the emergency room report and photographs of the injuries should be taken if the child was physically attacked in the act of racial discrimination (John 551-558).


Instead of heavy suspensions and expulsions, implementation of positive discipline policies should be executed to assist in creating learning environments that are safer. Schools must also understand their civil rights requirements and obligations to avoid practices that are disciplinary unfair. A routine school disciplinary infraction should never land a student in a police station. It should rather land an indiscipline student in the principal’s office. This form of guidance can help promote fairness and effectiveness when it comes to disciplinary practices. Therefore, the move can help in making the school inclusive, supportive and safer for all students. Some key guidance for schools to prevent racial discrimination include instructing schools of government civil rights laws that prohibit treatment based on race when disciplining students. It also prioritizes the use of evidence-based prevention strategies to promoting positive student behavior.….....

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