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The company in consideration is Jolly Company, which is presenting Bubbly Energy Drink. This is a start-up company that will have its base of operations in the State of Texas. This location has been chosen as this state is transcending to a healthier living when it comes to meals and drinks. This is owing to the increasing rate of obesity in the United States. The unique selling position or USP of Bubbly Energy Drink is that it is free of any caffeine and will come in three different fruity flavors being Apple, Orange and Pineapple. This drink will be released to ensure that it provides consumers with not only energy boost but at the same time quench their thirst and offer a healthy option. The company purposes to bring in a new product that is yet to be seen in the market that will rival other drinks and at the same time offer a healthier option to consumers.

Consumer Analysis

In the present day, more and more consumers are shifting towards a healthier option of living. Moreover, consumers are considering both food and drinks that do not have any additives and are healthy for consumption. With the rise of obesity and the addiction to caffeine, more and more consumers are having a preference of consuming products that are healthy and good for their health and do not hinder them in any manner.
One of the shortcomings of energy drinks that are presently being retailed in the market is that not all of them are suitable for women and small children. In particular, such energy drinks can harm children that are below the ages of 12 years and the babies still being carried by pregnant women (Cleveland Clinic, 2017).

Consumer Profile -- Target Market

Market segmentation is the practice of splitting the total market into categories or segments that are made of individuals or organizations with comparatively similar product necessities. Market segments have consumers that have one or more mutual characteristics that prompts them to have comparatively identical product needs. This enables an organization to identify and reach its target market (Pride, 2008). The competitive advantage and sense of appeal of Bubbly Energy over all other energy drinks in the market is that it will serve all consumers. The consumer profile that is currently being targeted by Jolly Company encompasses consumers that are between the ages of 16 and 40. These will be consumers not only in search of a quenching drink but also those that are in constant search of a healthier option for drinking. Owing to its cheap price, the consumers targeted by the company need not be rich as it….....

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