Review of Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence

In today's competitive world, it is the professional organizations that lay the foundation of much of the social structure. Today's corporate and professional offices are considered important venues for an interactive growth sphere. Thus, the aspects of emotional intelligence (E1), leadership style and gender are now surfacing as really important aspects to understand the overall associative quality and nature of these workplace relationships and how these can be advantageous to the companies that pay attention to their quality (Quader, 2011). We now see a rising interest in how leadership can have an influence on emotional intelligence and vice versa. Especially in the past 2 decades, we see more research and findings being dedicated to the subject matter and so far more results and conclusions are coming to the surface. Quader (2011) in his recent study also highlights how emotional intelligence affects gender differences in the workplace. He writes that recent literature has overwhelmingly managed to create a "virtual industry" for the relationship that exists between the aspects of gender differences and emotional intelligence (Quader, 2011). The trend of rising research on the phenomenon of emotional intelligence and it's influence on the corporate performance is not only limited or restricted to just the U.S. The proof of that was in a recent study conducted by Van Genderen (2012) who compared the research done with the U.

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S. to that conducted within Russia. The results of his comparison were astoundingly similar in terms of the overall attention that business leaders were now paying to the aspects of emotional intelligence and gender as well. This particular study was also important in how it highlighted the different variations between male and female EI under different leadership dynamics and styles which gives it an interesting and novel depth (Van Genderen, 2012). In this particular paper, we discuss how emotional intelligence influences overall employee performance irrespective of gender and how it increases generally efficiency and effectiveness as well.

Influencing Performance

Leadership is complex and dynamic. There is a myriad of factors that can affect the performance of a leader and the performance of a leader has profound effect on the performance of an organization. Leadership has been addressed in a wide range of terms and theories including the contingency theory, charismatic leadership, leadership traits, leadership style and emotional intelligence; commonly referred to as EI. Leadership….....

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