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Education is one of the most important tools one can use to change their lives. It is an efficient and fast way to initiate change since making progress often begins with one knowing more. As the population of the world increases, the demand for education is also increasing. The growing demand for education has led to several educational facilities being started all over the world. The level of access to education the world's population has right now is unparalleled in history. Save for financial constraints, there aren't many insurmountable barriers that people have to deal with to get access to an education. Nonetheless, some schools' curriculums do not meet the required standards set by educational authorities. Students graduating from such an institution may not be well equipped to deliver value in the market place. This is why it is very important to join a reputable institution with a solid track record of meeting its mandate to students and external stakeholders. Saint Leo University is one of the amazing reputable institutions around.

Joining an educational institution without knowing all the important details can turn out to be a bad investment. I hold the opinion that one needs to do thorough research before joining a university and compare the university standards with the minimum requirements set by the regulating bodies. After doing thorough research and evaluating what I need to achieve after taking the course, I believe Saint Leo University is the best option.

The university is well known for its good performance. It has produced countless competent and skilled graduates over the years. I started considering the institution after a friend who had been a student at St. Luis recommended it to me. He recounted how he had enjoyed his time there and how the lecturers were industrious and always willing to help. According to him, the university offers the best social work program in the entire region.

Professional Goals

I undertook social sciences, clinical option, for my bachelors and I can categorically state that it is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Being able to do this was a great opportunity and I don't take it for granted. To be honest, when starting out, I didn't quite understand the kind of opportunities that existed in the field. With time, I came to recognize the several doors that can open for me if I am willing to provide value to the society and work hard.

As I look to further my studies, I seek to grow and develop myself. I appreciate that this can be a challenging and delicate phase. Nonetheless, I am willing to put in the effort needed to ensure that I successfully complete the course. The Saint Leo University master of social program will be a significant step in helping me develop professionally.

The social work program will help me further master social work, especially clinical practice.

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It will help me improve my strategic thinking skills and so better my ability to solve problems at the strategic level. I am looking to the program to guide me on learning the best ways to solve problems in the field of social work and clinical practice. I expect to find a lot of value in the course since it is practical. I will also look to deeply comprehend the foundational concepts of social science. Also, I am looking to improve my learning abilities and ability to absorb and apply new concepts by going through the course. I think this is important because we live in a constantly changing time and embracing new ways of doing things is absolutely essential to remaining competitive and useful. Developing one's ability to quickly learn and unlearn various concepts is vitally important in the current environment that is characterized by fast change.

Day Time Internship

I am also looking to acquire relevant field skills. The social work program includes a field attachment. This stage is crucial as it equips the trainee with relevant skills necessary to perform on the job. I will undertake the required practical internships at the times stipulated in the learning schedule. I will plan well for the internships so they do not interfere with my learning process. That said, I will work hard to make sure that the attachment schedule does not affect my learning during the day or the research work I will undertake. Nonetheless, I will still strive to deliver on the internship's requirements and make an effort to get the best out of it. This will be achieved by employing effective productivity and time management practices that will ensure that I perform well without neglecting any key areas. I will always work from a to-do list to help me prioritize activities and projects and also gauge my daily, weekly and monthly progress. I will also seek advice from those who have successfully completed the program so they can instruct me on how best I should approach the exercise. I believe learning from the experiences and mistakes of others is one of the most effective ways to avoid failure. One should learn from mistakes, but the mistakes don't have to be theirs. I will also regularly meet with my supervisor so they can offer me constructive feedback.

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

While social work can be very challenging, it is very fulfilling and rewarding. The nature of results always stem from the amount of effort put in and the attitude the individual has. I believe I have the necessary aptitude and attitude to be a massive success in social work.

I fully understand that social work can at times be done under high-stress environments. I believe I have the willpower and courage to work….....

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