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Dussich J.P.J., (n.d). Victimology-Past, Present and Future.

This is a report that was presented by Dussich John who holds a PhD in sociology and criminology from the Florida State University. He is a renown scholar in matters to do with sociology and criminology hence has in-depth presentation of the issue of victimology.

This report emanates from a research that significantly employed the literature review approach towards the research. Dussich goes deep into reviewing literature that exists in various articles and books in the past on the subject and comes out with not only the details of victimology and those relevant events to the topic, but also with dates that these outstanding events took place. This reconstruction and collection of facts brings into perspective the gradual development of the subject of victimology over time.

The data used in the research report is very relevant in putting forth the gradual development of victimology since it is collected from well researched historical facts books from various authors over a number of decades hence presenting unbiased data and reliable data that can support the thesis that the author puts forth that victimology evolved, steadily over several decades to the contemporary state it is in the USA.

The article is made up of well balanced and unbiased data in that the information included is collected over decades and the various sources give the varying versions and interpretations of victimology.
The article further gives the various definitions of terms thjat are associated with the study of victim blaming, in effect enlightening the reader further of a holistic approach to the concept of victimology.

Looking at the general presentation of the facts, the sequential arrangement of the historical development of victimology and presentation of facts and definitions, the author displays a good grasp of the issue of victim blaming and an understanding….....

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