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An examination of consumer views on marine aquarium trade in fish indicates that there is need to educate and inform lobbyists and consumers towards creating demand for organisms caught sustainably. Further, there is need for such campaigns to connect the consumer information to human health effects and environmental impacts in a way that is honest and still not offending such a crucial industry. The venture in aquarium fish retailers on the online market has made 'impulsive purchases by lobbyists' a common occurrence (Mccollum, 2014).

The growth of the aquarium industry has encouraged more lobbyists to emerge. The increased success of private aquariums and the heightened interest in keeping aquariums as a hobby have also led to a higher demand for aquarium fish. Such fish is now commonly available both on the online market and retail physical stores. Larger chain stores have also joined in the trade. They haul simple aquariums packs along with livestock products in the hope that they will cash in on the ever-rising demand for aquarium fish products (Mccollum, 2014). The idea of running a service firm, as opposed to retail trade, is not new to many industry players. The service sector is a rich source for employment creation. This is a basis for studying consumer choices and preferences; including the current market strategies used by aquarists (Selvarasu & Sankaran, 2011).

Short-Term Plan

The growth of the commerce system around the world; especially electronic business, has triggered an increase in demand for ornamental plant and animal species taken into a diverse range of ecosystems.
As a result of the novelty and poor regulation of trade in live animals through e-commerce, it would not be mistaken to imagine that other non-native species that are commercially appealing will present similar public health and environmental risks such as the poisonous fresh water stingrays. There is need to assess the threats and influence posed by the virtual and ecommerce communities that participate in the trade of ornamental fish varieties, and pursue measures for control of such trade (Jacobi & Magalhaes, 2010).

Social marketing and digital media, is, perhaps the most revolutionary change that has occurred in the business world. Purchase decisions are now influenced by informed choices provided on a business website, product reviews and information shared on social media sites. The changes are revolutionary. One must follow suit or lag behind in the marketing and sales competition (Bradley, 2016).

It is suggested to marketers that in order to attend to aquarium needs by households in the short-term (Selvarasu & Sankaran, 2011) by retaining aquarium features, they should

i. In the case of lobbyists, aquarium need has to be met by aquarium business service offer


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