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Role of Sex Education within Schools

The sex education protocols and regulations in Florida are based on “abstinence-only-until-marriage programs” and the state is only allowed to teach abstinence (Dodge et al., 2008, p. 71). Schools are required to follow protocols when teaching about sexually transmitted diseases. These protocols stress that abstinence is the expected standard that all students should be expected to follow, abstinence is the way to avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, and that students have the power to control their own personal behavior. High school students are taught about HIV/AIDS and must take a Life Management Skills course.

The age at which children should be exposed to sex education topics is judged differently according to nation, state and culture. In Canada, sex education is begun as early as elementary school. In Florida, sex is taught as something that young persons need to avoid. The realities of sex are things that should be taught but ultimately the community and the families in that community will have to make the decisions on what type of lessons they want taught.
Florida families may prefer that abstinence be promoted. Other families in other states may prefer other methods. Sex education should at least cover, however, the nature of sex, the biological function, and the purpose of sexual intercourse.

Sex education should not be mandated as part of the curriculum of public schools because parents should be the ones teaching their children about sex. By placing the responsibility on schools, it removes the burden of responsibility from parents and creates a further opportunity for disconnect between parents and children. Instead of relying on schools to solve all the problems of society, it is time for families and parents to step up and address issues that need to be addressed.


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