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The form of oppression and discrimination discussed in Unit 2 is mental health problems among veteran are further compounded by other problems such as financial difficulties, joblessness, marriage problems, social isolation, and homelessness (Smith et al., 2017). These problems are major risk factors for suicide and substance abuse. The federal policy from the Library of Congress that relates to this social justice is the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Include a description of the programs and services that are provided through the policy. What is the purpose of this policy? What problem does it seek to remedy?

The Affordable Care Act is also referred to as the health care law and was established with the main purpose of providing more Americans with greater accessibility to affordable health insurance, enhancing the quality of health care and health insurance, and also diminishing health care spending in the in the United States. Basically, its main purpose is to expand the level of health insurance coverage, ensure that insurance companies are accountable in their operations, diminish healthcare costs, guarantee more choice and also augment the quality of care for all Americans (Medicaid, 2017). The main problem that this federal policy seeks to remedy is the lack of health care access amongst the citizens of the United States and also the problem of the citizens incurring significant costs in healthcare spending (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2017).
The programs and services that are provided through the policy are Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. On one hand, Medicaid provides healthcare coverage to Americans, comprising of children, elderly adults, individuals with disabilities, low-income adults as well as pregnant women. On the other hand, Children's Health Insurance Program provides healthcare coverage to children who are eligible. These programs are undertaken by the states.

Connect the policy to the social justice problem you selected by giving a brief description of the problem. Is it a new problem, something that has recently arisen or is it an old problem that never got resolved?

Veterans go through different mental problems, which consists of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, aggression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. In fact, in accordance to the Institute of Medicine (2013), statistics indicate that almost half of veterans go through these problems. Deficiency of mental health providers is one of the key factors that encumber access to mental healthcare by veterans. Accessibility to mental healthcare by veterans is also hampered by the necessities related with VA benefits. To obtain VA health benefits, veterans are required to have either an honorable or general discharge (APHA, 2014). It is imperative to note that this is not a new problem or….....

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