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Feminism & Entertainment

Toeing the line between taking a social stand and coming off as “preachy” is not the easiest thing to do. It is to be expected that the media and entertainment will always be a force in terms of showing where society is going. However, there are some people and entities that push such narratives entirely too strongly. The verbiage in the readings for this assignment explains that the Mary Tyler Moore Show struck the proper balance. Rather than being about the browbeating of men or society, it just showed what was possible and perhaps subject to change in terms of broader society when it comes to women in the workplace. While shows that try to adjust social norms can come off the wrong way, it would seem that the Mary Tyler Moore Show struck the right balance.


It is not reasonable or proper to expect media and entertainment outlets to not try to push societal and economic narratives. However, it should be done in a certain way. Further, other methods should be avoided. The example in the Mary Tyler Moore Show-related reading describes a situation where the right tone and pitch is present. It is a showing of what is possible and perhaps better for society while at the same time not being abusive or incendiary.
A modern example of where not to draw the line would be the new comedy special by Chris Rock, that being Tambourine. The censorship and regulation of what comedians can or cannot say is a very slippery slope. However, Rock’s assertions that some white people should be shot so as to even out the number of black people that are shot is rather shocking on its face. Indeed, anyone being shot by anyone else for reasons other than self-defense, etc. is a tragedy and thus is not funny. There are so many ways to make the point without going there. That is certainly something that the Mary Tyler Moore Show would have done and that would hold true even if Chris Rock and that show existed in the same time. Indeed, there are just some comedians, media people or other such folks that stretch the facts, exaggerate or just get nasty when they are trying to score political points. Even if it is cloaked in the form of entertainment or comedy, that is not right.


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