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Traditional Media Strategies

The use of traditional media in sports marketing remains popular. Indeed, sports marketers spend a great deal of resources on television, print, and radio advertising, with sports comprising a substantial portion of ad spending for television and radio channels. A significant percentage of sports fans actually watch sports events for the commercials. They tend to enjoy the commercials more than the game itself. Traditional media enables sports marketers to reach geographically dispersed consumers at a fairly low cost per exposure (Swayne, 2011). Take an event like the FIFA World Cup, for instance. The event has following from virtually every corner of the world. Without television, radio, and the print media, it may be quite difficult to communicate with such a geographically dispersed fan base. For this plan, it would be important to incorporate traditional media. In fact, traditional media should be allocated a significant fraction of the marketing budget if the desired marketing outcomes are to be effectively achieved. Therefore, for Green Bay Packers, of great importance is to choose media channels that are popular with the target audience.

Non-Traditional Strategies

Non-traditional techniques can also be valuable in marketing for Green Bay Packers. They can significantly boost the impact of traditional media. Guerrilla marketing is one technique that can be useful in this regard. This technique will enable Green Bay Packers marketers to use creative, unconventional ways to grasp the attention of the target market in a memorable way and at a more personal level (Swayne, 2011).
Guerrilla marketing takes advantage of public spaces such as streets and shopping centres, grassroots campaigns, road shows, posters, billboards, viral marketing, and other unconventional methods. Viral marketing has particularly become common in sports marketing, with video streaming websites such as Youtube providing a valuable conduit for presenting marketing messages in creative ways. Viral sports videos have actually become common in the recent past. A major advantage of guerrilla marketing techniques is that they involve low costs while at the same time generating high impact (Bruton, 2016). It would, therefore, be important to make use of non-traditional strategies for Green Bay Packers.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Whereas the importance of traditional media in sports marketing cannot be overemphasised, the usefulness of contemporary media cannot be ignored. Social media has particularly become a vital marketing tool for sports marketers. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and other popular social networking sites enable two-way communication, one-on-one marketing, active fan engagement, user-generated content, unstructured communication, and informal language, making them ideal for sports marketing (Bruton, 2016). Indeed, social media has changed the way marketers and consumers interact. Given the extensive loyalty they exhibit towards their favourite teams or players, sports fans increasingly desire to be engaged in a more intimate, unstructured, and real time manner. Social media enables this at a significantly low cost. It allows fans to interact with brands at a more personal level. For the desired outcomes….....

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