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Description of Chosen Tool (Work Gloves Create Change)

Successful strategy implementation is fundamental for the survival of any entity. Numerous organizations fail to sustain their competitive edge, owing to lack of tools and processes in implementing strategies (Rajasekar, 2014). The chosen tool, work gloves create change, encompasses eight distinctive processes that are necessary for strategic implementation. The first phase is generating urgency for individuals within the organization to perceive, comprehend and feel the need to change. Second phase is building a coalition with dominant individuals at all levels who work to lead the change endeavor. The third phase is creating a vision that outlines where the organization wants to go and what things will be like when the change is successful. This is imperative to ensure that individuals move in one way. The subsequent phases include communicating the vision, empowering action and garnering short-term wins, which facilitate members within the organization to transform their behaviors and work patterns.

Communicating the vision ought to be done constantly using various channels of communication. The following phase is empowering action and this encompasses handing individuals the power to try new practices, the knowledge and resources required and also providing them with a safety net for individuals in the event they fail. Garnering short wins encompasses commencing with projects that necessitate the minimum level of change and have high likelihood of success. This generates reliability and impetus that encourages key organizational members to get in line with the strategy in place. The seventh phase of the toll encompasses consolidating gains and pressing on. It is necessary not to stop after a temporary win but rather forge ahead to tackle deeply entrenched issues. The final phase encompasses institutionalizing change. This takes into account making the tool essential enough to make it a part of the fundamental values of the culture.

How Chosen Tool (Work Gloves Create Change) is affected by Different Strategic Influences

The chosen tool can be impacted by various strategic influences, both internal and external. One of the internal factors that would have an influence on the tool and strategic implementation is the organizational structure. According to Rajasekar (2014), organizational structures are essential for employees to act enthusiastically on the knowledge established to fashion and implement strategy. The organizational structure offers a visual explanation of two key aspects and these are the process of making decisions and resource apportionment. In this case, the example of Google indicates that it has a flat organizational structure. However, having a hierarchical organizational structure would be an impediment to this chosen tool as it would limit the aspect of empowering action to the personnel as they would not have the freedom to undertake their projects and instigate innovation (Smit, 2000).

Another internal factor that would instigate changes influencing the choice for implementation is organizational culture. Culture delineates the behavioral customs, mutual practices, common outlooks and beliefs that dictate any organization. Culture significantly influences the organizational climate, which encompasses the mutual perspectives of organizational aspects such as decision making and customs and norms regarding work activities. In this case, if the organizational culture encourages a distinctive way of conducting activities at all time then the choice of implementation would differ. This is because rigidity and lack of flexibility within the organization makes it much more difficult to implement change. For instance, in the phase of building a coalition, it would become largely challenging to find managers that would be in line with implementing a new way in actions undertaking (Dyer et al., 2016).….....

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