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The Proper Boundary Between Church And State

Certainly, there are boundaries which exist between the state and the church in that they should not interfere with one another’s roles. This is as a result of there being no law giving the state permission to collect tax from the church and also to fund religious programs (Curry, 1987). Despite each being independent, they have a role of helping one another in case of infringement of human rights and freedoms by either of them. An example is in a situation where the state is exploiting the citizens and failing in practicing their responsibility, the church has a right to criticize the state. On the other hand, in case the government perceives that a certain religion is practising activities which put the security of the citizens to risk, they have a right to put into practice the appropriate measures (Mendelson, 1962).

In the constitution of the United States, the first amendment entails protection of American civil liberties as well as amendment of any law concerning an initiation of a federal or state religion, hindering the freedom of speech, right to assemble peaceably and the freedom of the press.

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US is deemed to be a religious country and all religions should be granted the chance they deserve (Curry, 1987).

Despite the fact that citizens are given some freedom, they are not permitted to infringe onto the freedom and rights of other people. This case applies to religions. The law is believed to serve everyone equally and their freedom is expected to surpass the law.

In connection to the above, there is no just cause as to why religion should precede the law. This is applied in cases where the law has a responsibility over all the citizens equally, and all these citizens are the ones which form different religions in the country. Sometimes, religious practices do not favour everyone and in no case should it be allowed to precede the law.


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