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Stuart Cellars is a winery located in Temecula, California. The Stuart Cellars case study illustrates some of the core concepts of the marketing mix, including product, pricing, placement, and promotion. Developing a successful marketing management plan for Stuart Cellars requires that each of these elements of the marketing mix be synchronized and attended to regularly, with ongoing analysis and assessment. With a product as universally loved as wine, it becomes critical to set one's own brand apart from the competitors, especially in a demanding and competitive market like that in California.

As profitable as the wine business can be, the product itself is dependent on several factors that may largely be outside of the vintner's control including fluctuations in climate and warehousing issues. The product informs all other aspects of the marketing mix, including how the wine is positioned within the gamut of all its competitors but also how each individual vintage is positioned within the family of other wines produced by Stuart Cellars. Because wine production takes up a considerable amount of space, and because wine is more difficult to ship than other products, the specific qualities of wine need to be considered when developing an overall marketing management plan. For example, Stuart Cellars needs to decide how to manage the costs of marketing only to local markets to cut down on shipping and transportation costs versus expanding their brand identity throughout a broader marketplace.

Wine pricing is complex, dependent on many factors including the fixed and variable costs of production. Depending on the location, the cost of actually operating vineyards or purchasing grapes from community vineyards will be factored into the overall production costs. Similarly, the labor costs may vary depending on the time of year and the demand for specific skilled service positions within Stuart Cellars including managerial positions. An industry rule of thumb is that a bottle of wine will be priced at 1/1000 the cost of a ton of grapes ("Video Case 12," n.d.). If Stuart Cellars were to purchase additional land, it would incur more initial costs but in the long run, would add value to the winery itself. Pricing models will also depend on how Stuart Cellars packages each of its wines. Whether the wine is sold at the Stuart Cellars winery or at a local restaurant or wine store will also affect how the pricing model….....

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