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Schall's book is to generate appealing and engaging conversations with learned scholars regarding the content of a genuine and dependable liberal arts education. In general, it surveys notions and books fundamental and pivotal to the tradition of humanistic education that has vitally fashioned our nation as well as our civilization. What is more, it makes the argument for an order and incorporation of knowledge in order to have meaning reinstated to the disorganized method to study presently dictating higher education. As pointed out, several students have no issues with the educational system or with what they are being educated. Without a doubt, a great deal of them are not able to perceive or not any sort of issue that is existent with the current educational structure. However, there are others, who "either from their family, religious, or educational background or common-sense experience will begin to detect that all is not well in the academy or in the culture or, for that matter, in one's own soul" (p. 16). Largely, the author gives some consideration to the insufficiencies of the present-day university education and offers the disgruntled and dissatisfied university student, or any adult serious regarding life, a cure that is three-pronged.

The manuscript by Schall can be best delineated as a twelve-phase program for higher education. To begin with, it is imperative to be cognizant, recognize the problem that is existent in higher education, and concede that we are not able to do anything about this issue on our own. We are ineffective before the virtualistic forces of professional intellects.

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Then we have to know that a solution is present, assistance is available and therefore have to pursue it. The author presents a solution that encompasses three aspects. "We need some self-discipline, our own personal library, where we keep what we read, and real good guides" (p. 49). So as to continue being intelligently well-balanced in the toxic setting of numerous universities and the world encircling and surrounding us, a person has to undertake a remedy, which is a channeled construing of the good books in the custom of conventional western liberal arts, whether olden or contemporary.

The first phase of the solution encompasses self-discipline. The importance and weight on reading makes the emphasis of the book on the intellectual life. Nonetheless, the author points out how moral disorder plays a role in failing to see the reality. "There is an intimate connection between our moral life and our intellectual life" (p 30). Despite the fact that Newman considered the main purpose of the university to be teaching knowledge, this does not imply that the….....

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Schall, J. V. (2000). A Student's Guide to: Liberal Learning. Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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