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New System

Why is it important for everyone in business organizations to have a basic understanding of the systems development process? Would your response change if the organization is licensing a system rather than developing their own from scratch?

All individuals within business organizations operate as end users. In particular, being end users of the system, the hold with them business information and knowledge that the information system personnel require in order to cultivate and advance all of the elements of the design of the information system. Taking this into consideration, it is imperative for every individual within business organizations to have a basic understanding of the system's development process as their input is fundamental to the design of an efficacious information system (Rainer et al., 2013). In the case that the organization is licensing a system instead of cultivating one right from the start, my response would change. This is for the reason that with respect to licensing, not all individuals within the organization will be necessitated to give input.

Open Source Software

You are the CIO of your company, and you have to develop an application of strategic importance to your firm. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using open-source software? Do you think that this is a viable option for your company? Comment by babyliza: Not answered

One of the advantages of open source software is that it is cost-effective. Open source software is relatively cheaper than products commercially marketed as they are created to provide access to any individual. In addition, they can be beneficial in augmenting the life of old hardware and diminishing the constant need for replacement. Another advantage is that open source software are reliable. This is because for starters they are developed by fundamentally skillful and experienced specialists that develop high-quality programs. In addition, they are developed by numerous individuals, which implies that there are several parties that can monitor for any problems such as bugs and fix them. A third advantage encompasses flexibility. This is because taking into account that one is not affixed to a proprietary product, then there really is no need to stick to a particular IT architecture that might necessitate one to constantly upgrade both hardware and software (ConnectUS, 2016).

At the same time, open source software do have their downsides. One of the major disadvantages is that they are susceptible to malicious users. This is because several individuals can gain access to the source code and not all individuals might have good intent or will. Secondly, even though they are relatively cheaper, open source software may not be user friendly in comparison to the commercially marketed products. Third of all, they do not have comprehensive support in the sense that in the event that a program does have issues, there is no individual that can be deemed accountable (ConnectUS, 2016).

Freedom of Speech

In 2008, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) obtained a temporary restraining order barring three Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students from publicly displaying what they claimed to be a way to get "free subway rides for life." Specifically, the 10-day injunction prohibited the students from revealing vulnerabilities of the MBTA's fare card. The students were scheduled to present their findings in Las Vegas at the DEFCON computer hacking conference. Were the students' actions legal? Were their actions ethical? Discuss your answer from the students' perspective then from the perspective of the MBTA.

i. From the perspectives of the MBTA

The actions of the student were not legal. This is for the reason that right from the get go, it is imperative to note that any kind of hacking activity is unethical and illegal. This is deemed that way because by exposing the susceptibilities in the fare card, the students were in some kind of way extorting the company's income, which in the long-run would be significantly detrimental to MBTA's system in general. Therefore, from this perspective, it is unethical and illegal.


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