The Teaching of Evolution and Religious Beliefs Essay

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Religion and the teaching of evolution

It has been argued by some factions that teaching of evolution theory of existence of the universe contravenes the religious belief of some people as well as the ethnic beliefs of some people. It is argued by these groups that the teaching of the evolution theory is tantamount to demeaning their religious beliefs and their ethnic upbringing hence a breach on their freedom of religion. They say, that each religion or ethic group needs to be left alone with their belief unadulterated so that they can believe what they are taught by their scripts about the coming into existence of the earth.

However, the teaching of the various theories of existence of the earth like the big bang theory as well as the evolution theory is and should remain to be a part and parcel of the academic training of the students. It needs to be understood that there are various ideas and concepts that are taught in school and they are not necessarily meant to convict someone from his belief or change their way of looking at some ideas but are meant to shape a critical mind that would give thought to extra possibilities in a critical manner.

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The evolution theory is a theory as it states, a possible explanation for the existence of the earth, ideology of the proponent and may not necessarily mean the outstanding truth, but a possibility to the explanation of the existence of the universe.

Theories are meant to widen scope to the already existing explanations, to challenge the existing explanation but not necessarily to displace or invalidate them. Teaching of the various theories including the evolution theory is very much in order even in a multi religious and multiethnic setting. It helps the students to grow more critical minds not only in the history subject or geography but even in other subjects since critical thinking is part of the daily life of a student. The different ethnic groups have their own explanations as to the existence and perpetuation of the universe. Most of these explanations have supernatural or superstitious backing to them. The evolution theory acts to add just yet another possible explanation and not a demeaning explanation to their theory.

Theory of evolution trying to show how the earth came to be is meant to open up….....

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