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Boko-Haram Study: Design

Multivariate techniques such as regression would be useful in conducting qualitative research when qualitative variables are used to explain behavior or outcomes. Such variables might include "sex, race, religion, nationality, geographical region, etc." (Uriel, 2013, p. 1). Regression analysis and other multivariate techniques are useful for describing the relationships among variables. When a dependent variable or outcome is assessed according to how it relates to various qualitative variables (such as the ones identified above), multivariate techniques such as regression can be useful in assessing that relationship. In the case of a study addressing terrorism in African (Boko-Haram specifically), regression may be used because of the qualitative study's assessment of the relationship among the various qualitative variables (sex, gender, religion, geographical region) and the spread of Boko-Haram's influence.

The considerations I have made relative to techniques of analysis are that for this particular case of Boko-Haram in Africa, it is important to understand how the variables relate, because it is a complex situation in which there are multiple factors in play. In the case of qualitative variables, using regression analysis, zero-one variables can be used to stand for gender variables (male= 1, female = 0, or vice-versa).
Formulas used can become more complicated the more the variables are defined, but this is the essence of using this analysis technique. Also, in order for the technique to be effective, a suitable sample size of data has to be gathered. If the sample is too small, the significance of the analysis will be missing.

I would use qualitative or mixed methods data analysis within my overall design by analyzing the relationship between qualitative variables. Data could be collected both from conducting a literature review on the issue of Boko-Haram in Africa and by conducting interviews and surveys. Interviews could be used to gather qualitative data and surveys could be used to gather quantitative data. Correlation analysis could be conducted with the quantitative data and regression analysis could be conducted with the qualitative data. Information obtained via interviews will only for a better understanding of the personal experience that individuals have in the situation being studied, while surveys can help provide the researcher with statistical information that can provide a quantifiable narrative.

These methods can be used to enrich and explain anticipated findings from the evaluation design in the….....

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