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As Goulian (2013) makes clear, the purple people are women—and they are a potential growth target for the numerous golf courses around the country. Women make up half the world’s population and half the world’s workforce. Through Education and Training, Marketing and Communications, Programming and Events, and Alliance Relationships, Goulian (2013) shows that the purple people (aka women) can be made into the “new constituency of the gold industry” (p. 2). The article argues that women as a target audience for golf offer a chance for the game to grow. Goulian’s main argument is that women are looking to have fun on the links, not to compete: they want something laid back that they can do with their female friends—and golf clubs need to embrace that desire and use it in their marketing plans.

The article points out that industries have to reconsider women as targets because women have been redefining themselves since the 1960s. They are now a viable consumer group and have money of their own to spend: “less than one in five married-couple families are supported by the husband alone” (Goulian, 2013, p. 7). That means for a golf club to target only men would be to make a sizeable mistake as women also have the means to support themselves and fund hobbies like golfing. What Goulian emphasizes is that too many companies fail to appeal to women because they never bother to find out what women need, what they want, what their interests are and how they can appeal to them.

Furthermore, in the golf industry women have an interest to play the game but the industry is not meeting their needs. This is problematic because “when women find an activity that they enjoy and one that allows them to escape and relax, they become committed to this activity” (Goulian, 2013, p. 14). The article provides keen insights into how companies and the golf industry in particular can approach the female market and understand how women think and what they want in sporting activity.

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Who Are the Purple People?

The Purple People are described as women who present significant upside for golf clubs, because they represent half the population and have a vested interest in doing fun activities with their friends. Golf currently cuts out this half of the population by marketing itself primarily as a man’s game and by focusing on competition. Companies like Nike, however, have recognized the importance of appealing to the female market and as a result the company has grown its apparel line to appeal to women who are interested in fitness. It has grown its market share by creating products that are just for women. Goulian (2013) notes that golf clubs and the golf industry should be taking a page out of Nike’s playbook when it comes to courting women and marketing to them in the industry. The Purple People have for too long been ignored by the industry and now the industry is suffering from being pigeon holed. It needs to recreate its image so that what it has to offer makes sense to the Purple People and gives them an outlet with their friends that is leisurely, active, non-competitive and fun.

The Purple People are financial independent, interested in group activities, looking to do something that allows them to relax, and desirous of having a go-to hobby or recreational activity that they can do with friends. Non-competitive golf clubs offer the perfect solution: it gets women active, together in a group, and members of a club. It allows them….....

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