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The purpose of organizational development and change is to provide sustainable pathways to achievement and success by helping the organization to be more effective at all worker levels as well as at systematic and infrastructural levels. The tools required to enable organization development and change are numerous: they include the relationship-building tools, communication tools, culture-promoting tools, leadership tools, and so on. This paper will describe and discuss the tools needed to make organization development and change possible.

Theory and strategy are two primary tools needed for organization development and change. Theory and strategy provide the support and framework for the change management and culture building process, and they can consist of various approaches to the issue: there theories like appreciative inquiry, experiential learning theory, intentional change theory, and more; there are strategy development techniques that strategic swarming and Three Horizons (Camp, 2012). Theory helps to give a basis of understanding about how the organization development process should be perceived, and the strategy helps to give a basis of understanding on how the process will be implemented, monitored, measured, and adjusted as needed.

To facilitate the implementation of theory and strategy, there are other tools that can be used to generate helpful information that can be used to determine the right approach to take. Obtaining data about the organization is one of the most critical steps that can be taken in the first stages of the developmental and change process.

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Data can be gathered by conducting surveys and interviews of stakeholders in the organization—from lower-level workers to executives to consumers and members of the public where the organization exists. Feedback from stakeholders is crucial in understanding the mindset of important role players and assessing what needs to be accomplished to get everyone aligned with the goal or vision underpinning the development and change process. Process consulting, work-flow mapping, and role and responsibility charting can be effective tools to help guide this process changes once the data has be obtained and analyzed. Methods of analyzing the data are important tools to have—they can include techniques such as quantitative and qualitative analysis—i.e., regression models, t-tests, scatter plots, content analysis, etc. All of this should contribute to the overall process of obtaining feedback and planning the course of action that will be taken. Then it is a matter of integrating the relevant information and using an appropriately balanced scorecard to help monitor and measure the implementation of the organization development and change process (Toolpack Consulting, 2017).

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