Training Program for Performance Management

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Performance Management Training Program
Having nonperforming employees can be frustrating for any organization. So as an employer, it is necessary to ensure that your employees receive training and development that they need to up the performance of the duties assigned to them. We shed some light on when you must train and develop your staff for effective management. Notice that effective human resource planning is important since it ensures that training needs are met individually or collectively. It also ensures that performance levels are well managed. Human resources is a critical aspect as far as the employment relationship is concerned. (Douglas, 2017).
• Guidelines to treat the staff with respect and ensure that they learn from each other
• Understand the organization\'s goals and come up with a plan that helps to achieve these goals.
• Provide a feedback on the employee’s performance and try to highlight their strength and weaknesses.
• Master the four steps of managing the performance
• Learn the basic methods of performance management
Training Methods
Induction training – it is given to new employees to help them feel that they are part of the organization. No employee should be expected to deliver results on the very first day. They must be welcomed so that they can feel comfortable and motivated to work. Consequently, the induction program must be designed sensibly. Do not give new employees too much information.

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If you do this, it may scare them away and they may not come again the next day. Well, planned induction methods help them get acquainted with their colleagues and work culture. Ensure that the induction method is short and informative, (Juneja, 2014).
Refresher Courses – They are meant to help the existing employees acquire new technologies and skills to help them keep pace with the ever-changing technology. It helps them cope with new changes and gives them the skill they require to help handle bigger responsibilities. (Juneja, 2014).
Off the job Training – it is the type of training that is given outside one’s workplace. (Juneja, 2014). This type of training could be provided through the following:
Seminars/conferences- these are effective when a large group of audience needs to be trained. It can be used to discuss case studies and the latest relevant information. It helps to acquaint employees with new skills.
Simulation Exercise- It is where the employee is trained in an artificial environment that is designed to look like their actual working environment.
Vestibule training – Employees are given a chance to practice their work on equipment that they will be using in the future. (Juneja, 2014).
As far as an organization is concerned, it helps it achieve the goals of human resource development. The effective of HRD programs is determined by the employee’s degree of.....

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