Training Transfer and Human Resources Theory Essay

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Theory-based information can help organizations to ascertain the most appropriate training and development programs for their employees. In fact, theory-based information helps human resources managers to structure training and development for specific groups of people. The most relevant theories include those that are related to learning, and those that are related to social relations and identity construction.

Learning theories can be based on basic behaviorism, including patterns of reward and punishment that can be used to motivate specific behaviors and discourage undesirable behaviors that detract from inter-group harmony (Duggan, n.d.). However, cognitive theories of learning can be even more helpful for structuring effective employee training programs designed to cultivate specific skills or to increase productivity (Duggan, n.d.).

Theories that focus more on employee engagement, group identity construction, and other sociological factors are also highly relevant in the process of employee training and development.

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Motivation theory not only informs best practices when developing training programs and technologies, but also how to encourage employees to identify with the organization and invest personally in the organization’s outcomes. Employee participation can be encouraged with specific processes and techniques that are evidence-based, and in turn linked to prevailing theories of social learning, identity construction, and motivation (Saad, Mat & Awadh, 2013). Basing training and development programs on theory helps provide the overarching philosophical framework organizations need to ensure that their human resources practices coincide with company culture, organizational missions, and goals.

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