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Trends in regulation of Healthcare reform with the potential for the most positive effect on care quality, sustainability of organizations and why they are so important

Reforms in payments, anchored on recent patterns in the private and public sectors are needed to support high quality interventions that matter to patients. Medicare has moved towards payments that are aimed at person-level healthcare. Such measures include DRG payments and penalties that have been recently applied for readmissions, person-level payment remissions in the Accountable Care Organization, Person level payment remissions in the Medicare Advantage program, reforms such as the Medicare Shared Savings Program, present and past pilot episode payments and the Pioneer pilot plan. However, Medicare payments are largely based on fees for service. Although the quality interventions at person level sought currently are not ideal, patients and providers can still gain from the change of their payments drawn from fee-for service. It allows providers to give individual-focused service as opposed to what is covered under fee-for-service. Many physician specialists across the board have pointed out ways in which some amount of their fee-for service can be directed to person-level or episode payments in the short-term to obtain better outcomes as the overall costs remain minimal (Mcclellan, 2013).

How and why the trends will bear the most negatively-inclined influence

The federal budget reduction efforts have negatively affected the health sector (Washington, D.C: Office of Management and Budget (OMB), 2011). A wide range of groups and individuals including President Barack Obama, the 'Senate Gang of Six', the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform have proposed proposals with far reaching implications on the way health care service is handled in the U.S. It has been observed by some critics that the proposals are divergent and sometimes present partisan views on the proposed method for the reduction of the deficit; they also have a lot of common features that signal possible changes in the funding of programs for public health ( Kaiser Family Foundation, 2011).

Such clinical and economic balance faces with higher medical costs. These are typically driven by technology elements and the widespread acceptance of genomics and solutions from biotechnology. Such changes could have significant impact on the care of patients and professional practice for clinicians. However, the new….....

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