The Trump Travel Ban and Why It is Bad Essay

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Page 1 of 2, Trump issued an executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States, and simultaneously stopped accepting refugees from Syria. The affected countries included Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya. Several months after the original executive order, the Trump administration removed Iraq from the list of banned countries. The executive order created a legal fiasco, a social miasma, and certain economic downturn not just for the affected nations but for the United States, too.

On its legal merits alone, the executive order has been challenged several times. Initial confusion was related to whether or not existing Green Card holders and tourist visa holders from the Muslim nations would still be permitted entry or re-entry into the United States. Similarly, there were legal questions about whether pending Green Card applications or tourist visa applications would be processed or denied outright. Other related issues included the outright and overt discrimination the travel ban implicated, which is why more than a dozen states have filed individual and collective suits against the federal government to attempt to either lift the ban entirely or at least soften or change it (Levine & Rosenberg, 2017). Several U.S. Circuit Court judges have refused to comply too (Hananel, 2017).

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The legal conundrums and instability it has caused creates a dangerous state of affairs in the United States, but also highlights the importance of checks and balances as well as the differences between local, state, and federal jurisdictions.

Although the Trump administration claims the travel ban is a counterterrorism measure, Trump failed to ban nationals from places like Saudi Arabia, from where the September 11 terrorists hailed. Therefore, it is clear that by targeting Muslim nations, the ban is discriminatory. Several of the lawsuits pending against the federal legislation directly address the discrimination issue ("Trump travel ban: Five questions about the revised executive order," 2017). In fact, Trump clearly admitted to allowing Christian refugees but not Muslim ones ("Trump travel ban: Five questions about the revised executive order," 2017). Social justice is a clear reason to oppose the ban, which affects students and professionals -- far more than it curtails terrorism.

Finally, the Trump travel ban has already had a detrimental effect on the economy, both domestic and international. As a travel ban, the executive order directly deals a blow to the lucrative business….....

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