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Department of Homeland Security Grants

The HSGP (Homeland Security Grant Program) for the fiscal year 2017 contributes significantly to NPS (National Preparedness System) implementation through promoting the creation, delivery and sustenance of key capabilities vital to the achievement of America’s NPG (National Preparedness Goal) geared at improving its security and resilience. The provision of key capabilities necessitates integrated community-wide efforts and not the sole, independent endeavors of a particular governmental level or agency. HSGP’s allowable expenses foster attempts at developing and sustaining key capabilities over the Protection, Prevention, Mitigation, Recovery and Response mission domains, with the following prioritized:

· Development and Maintenance of Terrorism Prevention Competences by Law Enforcers

· Development and Upgradation of Key Urban Area and State Fusion Centers

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

This Homeland Security agency was first established under the 1978 Presidential Reorganization Plan III, and put into service under a couple of Executive Orders (EOs) on 1st April of the following year. FEMA chiefly aims at coordinating disaster response within the nation which tends to overwhelm state and local level resources.

FEMA aids areas and complete states that find themselves vulnerable to a calamity or overwhelmed by it. Moreover, it organizes crisis management functions and devises governmental continuity plans in the event of threats to national security (Burns, 2006). Ever since its institution, the agency has directed various authorities which facilitate its role as the central federal, monetary and technical support source in the emergency management domain (Anderson, 2002). The different kinds of aid the agency offers include training and educational initiatives for improved non-federal authority response, grants, mobile communication, and food, shelter and other material for helping disaster victims fulfil their pressing needs (Burns, 2006).

While the agency does not exert much regulatory power, its underlying directives empower it to institute standards for edifice reconstruction following the issuance of disaster declarations, first responder instrument operations, and the erection of federal structures within localities susceptible to earthquakes (Anderson, 2002).

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The agency has facilitated terrorism preparedness and response measures within the nation. The OHS or Homeland Security Office instituted under the Bush administration post-9/11 has a comparable, though more holistic, objective linked to terrorism (Anderson, 2002). The American Congress’s discussion on the structure and outlines for homeland security’s federal administration may encompass reflection on the agency’s mission, a novel collection or frame of agency authorities, and how far the mission coincides with assignments considering the new Office.

EMPG (Emergency Management Performance Grants)

EMPG aids local and state governmental authorities in sustaining and improving their crisis management initiative’s efficacy (Homeland Security, 2011). The initiative offers formula-based finances to every territory and state in America, in addition to Marshall Islands and Micronesia. The overall finances distributed as part of the grant for the fiscal year 2011 amounted to over 329 million dollars (Homeland Security, 2011).

The reimbursement-based initiative labeled EMPG aims at aiding local level emergency management units in the development and maintenance of a holistic emergency preparedness structure to deal with all hazards (, 2017). Its finances may be availed of by communities in the areas of planning, training, institutional support, exercises and tools (, 2017). Further details on the initiative and on how to apply can be gleaned from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency Notice of Funding Opportunity.

State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP)

SHSGP provides 402 million dollars overall for improving local and state capability of implementing individual states’ distinct preparedness report aims and goals. This constitutes one among the foremost measures in the progress of the grant initiatives, planning and processes, from an emphasis on exercises, training, technical aid and loosely affiliated instruments to the delivery of an image of protection, prevention,….....

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