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Learning Project Outline Template

I. YouTube has implemented new restrictions regarding their AdSense program. People must meet certain requirements to even monetize their content. When content is monetized, it must meet certain guidelines. YouTube has begun hiring many new employees to help determine the kind of content suitable for monetization.

II. Organizational Analysis: YouTube has faced increasing scrutiny in their placement of ads in certain videos. By offering employees training courses, they can employ a sound evaluation practice for monetized content on YouTube. Person Analysis: New employees without sufficient training are coming in and placing restrictions on monetized videos leading to uproar from the community due to seemingly unfair or improper censorship. Task Analysis: Proper discernment of what is appropriate content on YouTube should be implemented in training guides to facilitate more effective evaluation practices by YouTube employees.

II. The learning goal is to understand what content is appropriate for monetization on the YouTube platform through a firm understanding of the rules in place and what kind of videos may lead to potential rule violation.

IV. 1. To understand what is suitable for monetization on YouTube. 2. To provide quality assessment to Content Creators on YouTube regarding videos.

V. The training methods consist of video guides on what may be deemed appropriate content on YouTube for monetization, multiple choice tests, and pamphlets with short, easy to read rules for video assessment. Since the employees operate online and do not gather in a physical location, the aim is to provide quality training material that is both easy to have and easy to use.

VI. Chapter 5 talks about a virtual, instructor-led training event. The program’s core content would include Microsoft PowerPoint presentations as well as product demonstrations. Polls would be implemented to determine which aspects of training were engaging and effective. And a forum can be used to allow for further discussions and ‘question and answer’ sessions.

VII. The method of delivery will be virtual. This means through email, forum posts, polls, and quizzes.

VIII. Polls are an incredibly useful tool to determine what in the training material is effective.


Situations arise in companies that require management to introduce new options. These options can come in the form of training opportunities for employees. YouTube is a giant video sharing platform that allows Content Creators to upload and monetize their content (Bours, 2018).
However, thanks to recent controversy surrounding the platform, YouTube has decided to implement new measures. These measures are aimed at providing companies wishing to advertise, with added assurances that their ads will not be placed on controversial videos. Thus, YouTube has hired thousands of new employees to monitor, assess, and determine whether a video is suitable for monetization along with determining eligibility for AdSense revenue for existing YouTube accounts that have not met predetermined thresholds for monetization. “In December, following the latest scandal, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that it would hire up to 10,000 human moderators to help screen videos” (Bours, 2018).

Such efforts have created a potential problem with censorship in that Content Creators have complained about having their seemingly uncontroversial videos deemed unable to monetize. The recent surge in such ‘poor evaluations’ has led to a potential need for training for these thousands of new and inexperienced employees. Many of the employees hired have little experience and have an undetermined ability to properly assess content on YouTube. Because most of the efforts are performed online the idea is to encourage better performance and evaluations through online learning/training materials. This can be done through a virtual classroom, forum posts/discussions, and polls to monitor the training material’s effectiveness.

Needs Assessment

To assess the current needs of YouTube one must perform several analyses. The first is organizational analysis. YouTube over the last two years has faced growing concerns from advertising companies regarding the placement of their ads in certain videos. What was called ‘adpocalpyse’ resulted in millions of videos unable to monetize thus leading creators on the platform to lose money (Kain, 2017). The company decided to hire thousands of employees and thus improve the evaluation of content for monetization. By providing employees with mandatory training courses, they can implement and effective assessment practice for monetized content on YouTube.

The next step is person Analysis. Ten thousand new employees that lack sufficient training are coming in and have come in, placing what Content Creators deem ‘unfair restrictions’ on monetized videos. This had led to dissent from the community due to perceived improper censorship. Because there is such a big influx of new people within the company that lack the skills necessary for proper assessment, they must be trained via standardized virtual courses to allow for an effective synthesis of material needed to do their jobs. This opens up YouTube for a chance at improving their new workforce.....

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