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Dussich J.P.J., (n.d). Victimology-Past, Present and Future.

This is a report that was presented by Dussich John who holds a PhD in sociology and criminology from the Florida State University. He is a renown scholar in matters to do with sociology and criminology hence has in-depth presentation of the issue of victimology.

This report emanates from a research that significantly employed the literature review approach towards the research. Dussich goes deep into reviewing literature that exists in various articles and books in the past on the subject and comes out with not only the details of victimology and those relevant events to the topic, but also with dates that these outstanding events took place. This reconstruction and collection of facts brings into perspective the gradual development of the subject of victimology over time.

This article targets the scholars in the field of victimology, the law enforcement agents as well as the legal practitioners who can have inferences to the case scenarios and events highlighted by the article. The law enforcement agencies can use the article to enlighten them on previous cases of victimization and hence use such to effectively identify possible victims and institute efficient ways of protecting them.

This report brings out significant definition and description of terms and concepts that are central in understanding the aspect of victimology. It gives timelines that define the evolution of victimology and then ultimately gives the major aims of the world society of victimology as relates to the various fields like medical, legal, religious, the civil society, the education sector and even the victims themselves.

The research significantly contributed to the deep understanding of the history of victimology hence opening up minds on what really victimology entails. It also allows the reader to effectively understand the circumstances around the victim blaming and how these different concepts and case scenarios can be brought into the context of the contemporary challenges society faces.

Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania (2014). 'Strengthening Judicial Cooperation to Protect Victims of Crime'.

This is a report of a council that was financed by the European Union and put together and implement by the Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania. Being a council, it had the far reaching mandate and scope in ensuring the field of victims of crime was effectively covered and also divergent approaches, ideas and theories used from the various and numerous members of the council.

The council used case studies, literature review and focus groups as the main sources of the information presented in the report. The council puts into perspective several case studies that they conduct in the Netherlands and Romania mainly and these are what informs this long report.


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Dussich J.P.J., (n.d). Victimology-Past, Present and Future.

Finkelhor D., (2007). Developmental Victimology: The Comprehensive Study of Childhood Victimization.

Superior Council of Magistracy of Romania (2014). 'Strengthening Judicial Cooperation to Protect Victims of Crime'.

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