Virtual Teams: The New Way to Work Essay

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Virtual Teams: The New Way to Work, by Lipnack & Stamps (1999)

Did the author include a reference to the research study using a format consistent with the APA Publication Manual?

But the work isn't a report on a research project; therefore, the reference doesn't apply here. Still, in accordance with the guidelines for composing narrative study abstracts, the abstract must explain that what follows is an analysis. It ought to present specific facts that aid readers in evaluating its applicability and validity. The abstract ought to follow the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) (Oermann, 2014).

Did the author mention the problem addressed within the study?

No. There is no explicit mention of the study problem. Rather, the authors have simply hinted at the issue by dealing with the broader, generic problems associated with virtual working. They have addressed the evolution of multiple working techniques into the technique adopted today. In the authors' words "As we move into the 21st century, the broad array of communication options permits the refiguring of our organizations in order to meet the rapidly changing demands of the business environment" (Lipnack & Stamps, 1999, p.14).

Did the author state the central purpose of the study?

No, the author has failed to do so. An abstract needs to state the work's central idea in simple, understandable words (Guidelines for Authors, 2016).

Is information about the sample, population, or subjects provided?

No. But the above does not apply to the paper in question since it is only a narrative analysis and not a report on a study. Oermann (2014) states that research reports typically require structured abstracts which can encompass distinct headings like Background and Purpose of the Study, Study Design, Subjects, Setting, any Intervention utilized, Instruments or Measures, Outcomes, and Conclusions (this heading may include practical implications). In case of narrative reviews, sticking to the specific guidelines of the professional journal in which the work will appear is recommended.

Are the key results summarized?

No. Oermann (2014) claims that an abstract ought to sum up the paper's content. The rationale is that, after perusing the abstract, the reader ought to be able to understand what the whole paper deals with. Furthermore, the abstract must be in line with the remainder of the paper. In other words, facts included in the abstract must be present elsewhere in the paper. When penning abstracts, authors need to take care to report, and not assess, the work's content. The paper in question, meanwhile, offers a broad synopsis of the topic under study instead of encapsulating the paper.

Is the journal article clearly a report of a research….....

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