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The following paper is a review on an article titled “Men’s ratings of female attractiveness are influenced more by changes in female waist size compared with changes in hip size” by Malgorzata Rozmus-Wrzesinska and Boguslaw Pawlowski. The purpose of the review is to analyze the aspect of waist to hip ratio in females.

Article Summary

In line with the study undertaken by the authors, researchers have observed a negative correlation between the attractiveness of women and their waist-to-hip ratio. Nonetheless, two elements of the waist-to-hip ratio have dissimilar indications for a prospective mate. On the one hand, size of the hip is indicative of the size of the pelvic bone and the amount of extra fat storage that can be employed as a source of energy. On the other hand, the size of the waist is indicative of information like the prevailing reproductive status or health status of the female. In order to determine which of these two aspects can be deemed more significant from the male perspective, the authors utilized a sequence of female pictures with a waist-to-hip ratio influenced by either changes to the hip or the waist. The outcomes of the study indicated that the correlation between the two was an inverted-U shape when the waist-to-hip ratio was altered in terms of the size of the hip. Rozmus-Wrzesinska and Pawlowski (2005) hypothesize that in a Western society devoid of any kind of risk of cyclical lack of meals or food, the waist, which provides information regarding the health status and fertility, will be more significant as compared to the size of the hip when examining the attractiveness of a female.

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Analysis and Evaluation

One of the key downsides of this particular study is that it fails to take into consideration that while there is plenty of food available, there are females who decide to starve themselves with the main endeavor of having a better waist-to-hip ratio and becoming more attractive. In addition, there are eating disorders that can have an impact on this ratio as well. One of the key aspects noted from the study and are a strength to the premise is that the size of the waist becomes bigger in the course of pregnancy and also subsequent to giving birth. Therefore, it is an indication of the fertility status if a woman. In addition, the waist can be a better sign of the health….....

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Rozmus-Wrzesinska, M., & Pawlowski, B. (2005). Men’s ratings of female attractiveness are influenced more by changes in female waist size compared with changes in hip size. Biological psychology, 68(3), 299-308.

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