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The Evolution of Zoos and Conservation Centers

Zoos were once the means of simply bringing rarely seen animals to the forefront of the public. However, during the end of the 20th center they evolved into much needed conservation centers for the preservation of endangered species. In this respect, the purpose of these facilities has become largely didactic. They educate the public about which species are endangered, and some of the factors leading to such predicaments.

Economic Pressures

Nonetheless, there are a considerable number of economic pressures which zoos face in varying degrees of severity. In terms of resources, they have continual challenges with economic resources necessary for providing habitats which are endemic for some of the rarer species they quarter (Keulartz, 2015, p. 336). However, they are also plagued by constraints on the space required to quarter such animals—which affects the overall vivacity of these creatures. Also, zoos have a finite capacity with which to house animals, which creates economic pressure related to necessary expansion.

How Does a Species Get on the Endangered Species List?

A couple of things must happen for a type of animal to get on the endangered species list. Firstly, the sheer quantities of these animals must decline to levels in which there is a distinct possibility of their extinction.
People then must petition the requisite agencies and their leaders to get species placed on this list. The agency that oversees this list is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Specific roles people can petition include the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Commerce.

Elephant Webcam Chart

12 p.m. The elephants were most active and moved a lot

2 p.m. The elephants were fed at this time of day.

4 p.m. The elephants were inactive and rarely moved

6 p.m. The elephants seemed to ignore the cleaning of their living quarters

8 p.m. The elephants appeared to be sleeping. /

Ethogram Document

Possibilities for study extension and its viability to conservation efforts

In order to extend my study to ascertain more information about the behavior of elephants, there are multiple things to do. The first would be to continue my virtual monitoring of this species via the webcam service that was utilized. That could include a fortnight of additional monitoring. Also, it….....

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