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It’s About Time My Students Actually Have Working Technology

The students of today will become the employees of tomorrow. The workplace has grown increasingly sophisticated from a technological perspective, and students must have the capabilities to meet its challenges. Unfortunately, many students from historically disadvantaged groups and backgrounds lack the ability to practice on computers and tablets at home, at least on devices that are the most up-and-coming and likely to be what they will use in a higher education setting and ultimately in the workplace. This is true of the students whom I teach at Eagles Nest Charter School.

Eagles Nest was founded to give a personalized education from historically disadvantaged groups. It is currently classified as a Title One school. I teach first grade there, and while my students are certainly ready and eager to learn, many of them also struggle with a lack of foundation in much of their coursework. They often come from homes where their parents likewise had a shaky academic foundation and struggle to help their children with their homework. Easy access to technology would help teach students how to be more comfortable with technology from an early age and could also teach them how to use technology and the Internet to provide them with the type of assistance that their parents are not always equipped to give. It will give them the foundation to succeed in college, which is the ultimate aim for all students attending Eagles Nest.

My students are primarily from low-income single family homes.
Their parents are often working multiple jobs to keep their families afloat and often do not have the resources to provide their children with computer or Internet access at home. Students look to schools and libraries to provide them with such access. That is why providing my school with three new iPads or Chromebooks could be so valuable, in giving students the ability to gain comfort with, experience, and experiment with technology they would not otherwise see. Affluent students often take such technology for granted. My students do not have that luxury.

Currently, I am only provided with a single computer for twenty-three students. This was not adequate to address all of their research and writing needs. The computer also eventually stopped working in the second quarter of the year, further depriving my hardworking students of technological support and the ability to use technology to enhance their educations. Although I have tried to persevere without one, it has been difficult. A tablet computer would be useful because students could more easily share one between themselves. The touch-based technology is also more user-friendly for young children. It is….....

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