Workplace Behavior and Improvements Essay

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Professional Demeanor and Interaction Skills are the best

While human physiology's high receptiveness to positive socializing is an established fact, this discovery's significance in the organizational context has remained largely unexamined. I can cite two personal examples in a corporate setting (dealing with meeting and socialization practices) for demonstrating the way the relationship between physiology and positive socializing facilitates fresh hypothesizing with regard to the impact of organizational contexts (practice patterns, in this instance) on physiological resourcefulness of personnel via positive socializing. For instance, some firms' socialization endeavors take the form of routine rotation of employees across different departments (EMILY D. HEAPHY & JANE E. DUTTON, 2008).

Interactions at the workplace have an effect on energy levels both in the home environment and at work; furthermore, they shape healthy behaviors. Scholars who have analyzed this aspect have found that their study participants are less patient, tolerant, and inclined to complete routine work tasks and personal activities (in short, less professional) when they engage in negative workplace interactions. Personally, I am more easygoing at home when my work day goes well, compared to a bad work day. On the occasions when my social interactions are unsatisfactory, I get short-tempered and my family members suffer its effects.
However, it is found that a more professional workplace demeanor and enhanced, positive interactions impact worker energy levels positively. For my part, when I am accorded flexibility at work, respected, and paid attention to, I will put in more effort on my job. Psychologically, a professional demeanor as well as good interaction makes me feel good and energized, and raises my self-esteem (Karen Mastroianni & Julia Storberg-Walker, 2014).

Leadership and Communication -- Issues

It is not easy for corporate leaders to identify the determinants of sound diversity management, and the precise leadership tasks for appropriately dealing with workplace diversity issues. Attaining a competitive edge via diversity management has become a key management, and thus leadership, consideration. To me, altering current outlooks towards workplace diversity evidently entails more than mere decisive leadership. It also requires personnel cooperation, since it impacts our interpersonal work relationships. Hence, I believe a manager has to display leadership traits, going beyond ordinary planning, control and organization. Because of change's effect on personnel's opinion of change, I believe leaders might have to follow principles of change management (Priscilla Dike, 2013).

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